Update: Thanks to an MF reader we now know this car is actually a GETRAG Hybrid demo car. This is from Gettag; “The GETRAG hybrid demo car is a joint development of the hybrid cooperation GETRAG/BOSCH. Torque-split and axle-split hybrid versions are integrated into the same vehicle, making it possible to experience various possibilities of hybridization in the same vehicle.”

World Car Fans is reporting the existence of a hybrid Clubman S but a closer look puts that statement into question. A look at the spy photo’s provided shows what appears to be a very aggressive JCW GP like body kitted Clubman with “hybrid drive” printed on the doors. Also notable is the peculiar location of the tailpipe, sidepipe’s just ahead of the left rear wheel.

Even more strange? The kit is eerily similar to an aftermarket kit we’ve seen many times. Could it be an aftermarket company trying to get some viral play in the market place?

So we have a über aggressive looking aftermarket bodykit on a very low riding Clubman with a large and quite noticeable intercooler behind the new front facia. Yet the exhaust and the words “hybrid drive” on the side seem at odds with the idea that this is some kinda of hyper sporty Clubman.

With that said we’d like to invite our MotoringFile faithful to speculate in the comments about what this mule possibly represents, and whether it is indeed a MINI project and a third-party tuner exercise.

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