Both TotalMINI and Bigblogg are reporting that the the R58 Roadster and R59 Coupe will feature movable rear spoilers similar to the Audi TT RS or Porsche Carrara. Typically a movable spoiler deploys at speeds over 30-50 mph and helps create downforce and stability at higher speeds.

Earlier in the year we had heard the rear portion of the cars were being redesigned from the concept cars that debuted last year and we had even alluded to it in a recent article. Now we know what that (at least partially) entails.


Production Schedule

First up will be the R59 MINI Coupé coming in August of 2011. The R59 will launch in MCS and possibly even JCW form initially (if the JCW model isn’t available at launch it’ll come shortly thereafter). MINI will be marketing the car as its most focused and hardcore product yet while highlighting the unique and personal design.

Next up is the R58 Roadster arriving at a dealer near you in March of 2012. We expect the same line-up of MCS and JCW available at launch (or shortly thereafter with the JCW).

Both cars will sport a redesigned front and rear facia and unique hood designs. Currently MINI is looking at several designs ranging from an Aston like look with the running lights placed closer to the corners. It’s all in an effort to make the two cars unique in design from their Hatch and Convertible siblings.