Sketches have leaked out of the the MINI E Scooter Concept that is due to debut at the Paris Motor Show later this month. The plug-in electric scooter is a serious proposal by MINI for those of us needing ultra efficient urban transport. The scooter is has been crafted with the MINI design language used throughout. The oval mirrors, large speedo and of course the chrome definitely all says MINI.

We’re not entirely sure of this is the concept that MINI UK is alluding to or not but clearly this is coming around the September 23rd time-frame that the Facebook page mentions.

The powerplant is 100% electric and integrated directly into the rear wheel. It’s driven by a lithium-ion batter that can be charged using a standard power outlet. The scooter even has a retractable power cable built in.

We’re hearing that MINI will surprise us with another variation on the scooter at Paris and both are there to judge the idea against production. Yes, MINI very well could build what you see above. Interested? Let us know below in the comment section