We’ve seen a few sets of spy shots of the MINI Coupé since our first postings, but these new photos are the first in a while to show us anything new. Specifically, we’re getting a good look at the new roofline and a new, more aggressive front splitter (nevermind those winter wheels and tires). These new photos are also a lot closer, and give us an even better sense of the shape of the new car. It’s remarkable just how close the production car seems to be to the original Coupé concept car we saw so many months ago. But what about the JCW version? Luckily we’ve got photos of that as well.

Auto Express managed to capture a silver and red JCW test car as it roamed Munich recently. Clad with the JCW aerokit, wheels and tell-tale red mirrors this will be the pinnacle of the coupe line-up. It also happens to look great in our eyes.

You can view a full gallery of these photos over at KilometerMagazine.com. and Auto Express.