MTTS: Denver

After seven plus years of essentially the same commenting system on MF, we’re completely starting over. Starting immediately we’re moving all new and existing comments to the Disqus commenting system. So what does this mean to you the reader of MotoringFile? Quite a bit really. Read on for the details.

– Facebook, Twitter and Disqus login (anonymous is still available)
– Community profiles
– Comment editing (assuming you login via the three options above)
– Threaded comments (yes you can finally reply to a comment directly
– Twitter integration (known as ‘reactions’)
– Commenting promotion/liking
– Community flagging
– Notification and reply system
– Realtime commenting
– Inline media embedding
– Complete social integration

Now for the downsides. There aren’t really that affect the majority. However for those who like to be 100% anonymous, you’re not going to enjoy a few of these new features. The other issue is that we’ve lost comments on a few recent posts with today’s transition. So if you see that your comment is gone, know that it was simply an import error and that we’re working on getting it back on the site.

As always any comments, thoughts, concerns or suggestions are welcome in the (brand new) comment section below…