Day 3 starts early for MTTS! 6:00 am at Charlotte Motor Speedway for a quick breakfast, a sight of the new B-Spec MINIs (that can be built for about $US6,000 plus tires, wheels and seats) and a chance to drive on the 24 degree banked oval. Funny thing that 24 degree banking. Turns out that most MINIs didn’t really care for that. I’m sure it was the yaw sensor trying to figure out why the car was on 2 wheels. A quick restart sorted everyone out and we were off to Nashville!

For those that don’t know, one of the better things that happens to be between North Carolina and Tennessee is US 129. Otherwise known as The Tail of the Dragon. Our mid day stop took us to Fontana Village to regroup before heading off. I’m told it was at a much slower pace than normal, but I still really enjoyed it, especially since I was driving a certain JCW Roadster with the top down. Dear God, that exhaust!

Shortly before dark we rolled into Nashville. Quickly headed out for the car show/party thrown by MINI of Nashville. A street was blocked off and the finest MINIs in all of Nashville were there showing off. Toss in some line dancing and live music and another great night of MTTS partying was had by all!

The next day our journey was too lead us to Knoxville. We thought it would be a great opportunity to try to get in a distillery tour, but we were a few minutes late. Didn’t keep us from enjoying some of Kentucky’s great backroads, and Todd got to drive them in the JCW Countryman. Yes, there will be more details to follow.

After that, a quick trip up to Louisville for some minor league baseball and more MINIs!

Tomorrow brings us to Chicago. It will be amazing and we hope to see everyone there. Don’t forget you can follow along at home with almost hourly updates on the Whiteroofradio Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Or, just follow the #mtts2012 hashtag on twitter for updates from all MTTS 2012 attendees!