For ten years, we here at MotoringFile have been spec’ing cars on MINIUSA’s Configurator, some of which we’ve even bought with our own money. We’ve also spent seat time in every MINI in the lineup, past and present. This gives us a unique perspective on what’s available from MINI. It’s a good thing too, because as long as we’ve been at this, we’ve also been fielding questions from readers about how to properly equip a MINI. Now we’re taking the next logical step.

Today we’re proud to announce MotoringFile Spec. MotoringFile has partnered with MINI of Chicago to create a handful of cars, each carefully crafted as the ultimate everyday MINI for enthusiasts. From JCWs to Coopers, we’ll be using our knowledge of MINI options and accessories to create a series of MINIs aimed squarely at the readers of MotoringFile. Today we introduce the first car in the series: The 01.

What Makes a MINI MF Spec?

What are the qualifying factors for MotoringFile Spec? It starts with performance, meaning you’ll see mostly JCWs. Also expect the optional factory sport suspensions and other options that make MINIs a bit more sporting than base as standards from us. But these cars won’t all be ultra rarified and hardcore. Frankly, if you want hardcore go buy the JCW GP. Done. Instead, these MF Spec MINIs are meant as daily drivers that look exceptional while staying focused on from the factory performance.

As Bespoke as We Can Get

As much as we’d like to, we can’t have these cars hand-built (not yet at least). Nor can we option unique paint or include aftermarket accessories. That’s part of the challenge. Our goal is to stay within the factory and dealer installed options list, but set a unique, thoughtful spec far more enthusiast-oriented than what you usually find on the dealer lot. We will also be adding some subtle touches to make these cars even more unique. For example, each car will be numbered via a unique grille badge and key-fob artwork created by MotoringBadges.

MF Edition: 01

Factory Specification (Accessories list forthcoming)

Each MF Spec MINI will be known simply by its number. Up first is a White Silver Cooper S JCW hardtop that uses a wide range of options and MINI accessories to create a high contrast exterior look. Black will be the color of choice for the headlights, taillights, grille trim, wheels (18″ V-Spoke R133s) and center stripes. All this chosen contrast accentuates the clean look of White Silver yet give the car a healthy dose of aggression. We call it “01” and it sets the tone for the MotoringFile Spec lineup.

Inside, it’s Recaro seats, the JCW dash and JCW red trim to complete the interior package. These contrasting elements will let the window gazers know this isn’t just any MINI.

What else does it have? Everything. Literally. For the 01, we wanted to start with a bang. No, it’s not cheap, but for those who want sports style, speed and daily luxury, this can be your car.

Look for MotoringFile Spec 01 to hit the MINI of Chicago showroom in early September. If you’re interested in learning more about 01, contact MINI of Chicago at (773) 969-5700.