In 12 months time we had little complaints about our long-term Countryman. Save for the short range and rigid ride (thanks to the run flats), living with the R60 was painless. Except for one major design flaw of course; the clutch. In our experience, all the auxiliary components in the driveline combined with the standard MINI clutch, created a tangible lack of feel at the point of clutch engagement. In English; you would stall the thing early and often. It didn’t matter how experienced one was at rowing the gears, nothing would prepare you for how terribly the clutch engaged. And from 2012 November production onward, MINI has updated the clutch and the issue is no longer. But what about current owners with the issue? And is the Paceman affected? Read on.

For those with 2011 and 2012 cars with issue, we recommend bringing it to the attention of your dealer. And if needed, call MINI directly. We’re guessing MINI USA will handle it on a case by case basis.

Additionally MINI has applied the same fix for the Paceman.

Here’s the official statement from MINI USA:

>As part of the continual refinement and optimization of MINI vehicles, we have improved the take-off convenience and performance of all our MINI Countryman clutches by implementing some software updates as well as changing the clutch facing material to improve the feeling of the clutch engagement. We are sure that these changes will even further improve the convenience of our MINI Countryman models, and will be recognized and appreciated by our customers. These changes coincide with the start of production of our MINI John Cooper Works Countryman as of November 2012.