(Updated with model figures)

MINI USA reported sales of 4,302 automobiles in February, a decrease of 13.6 percent from the 4,980 sold in the same month a year ago. For a full picture of model sales click onward…

Screen Shot 2013-03-03 at 8.59.55 AM

The big news is that the Countryman continues to sell extraordinarily well coming within 300 units of the R56 hardtop. Also up from last year is the Roadster at 64% however some of that may be due to the launch of the car happening in the middle of February last year.

We can also report that sales of MINI used automobiles (including MINI NEXT certified pre-owned and pre-owned) increased 15.5 percent to 1,583 automobiles from the 1,371 sold in February, 2012.

Finally note that some of the decrease is due to one less day in February as opposed to February 2012 which was a leap year.

(Hat tip to Ian)