With the Paceman, MINI has introduced a car that is approximately the same size as the Countryman, but with arguably less versatility. So what’s the point? It comes down to style and positioning. Two doors vs four doesn’t quite tell the entire story. Seeing the two in the flesh you’re immediately struck by the proportion of the Paceman. It just feels right where the Countryman suddenly (especially sitting next to the Paceman) feels almost a bit forced. Yet there are very few examples in the automotive world of two cars sharing so much in terms of components and chassis, while driving and looking so distinctly different.

Does it work? In our minds, surprisingly, yes. The Paceman (especially in person) feels much more dynamic and sporty compared to the Countryman. But the utility of the Countryman is hard to beat right? Perhaps, but the Paceman makes do rather well. It sports a larger boot while still being able to fit four adults in relative comfort, even if head room is slightly tighter in the rear. That’s our take on the Paceman. Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

(Note – this is also our first good look at the Countryman’s new rear tailgate lettering.)