Edmunds has a pretty worthless report on the 2021 G5X MINI which includes:

– Coming in 2020, which we knew, as a 2021 model
– May make use of lightweight materials which we knew
– May include all electric model – something that has been hinted at in the past
– Will remain unmistakably MINI – file that under shocking news

Now lets dig into this a bit more and fill in the gaps with what we know to expect for the next MINI. It will certainly ride on the second generation of the UKL FWD/AWD platform that will spawn vehicles roughly the same size as the current line-up. There is still talk of MINI partnering with Toyota to share a city car platform for the MINI Rocketman, but that is not this car and would be a completely separate model if it happens.

The next generation UKL platform won’t make use of all carbon fiber construction like BMW’s new i3, but the platform will use it along with high strength steel and aluminum to reduce weight. While it’s too early to know if it will actually be lighter (despite surely having much more technology and equipment onboard) we’d expect weight will play a crucial part in the car meeting incredibly stringent efficiency standards that will be in place by that time.

Inside we should look at the recent BMW Luxury Vision concept for a hint at what is in BMW’s labs. That could mean potentially three screens, one for the driver and passenger along with a more traditional center screen. Along with that BMW is currently working on a gesture based system that allows content to be moved from screen to screen.

Under the hood we wouldn’t be surprised to see MINI move to an all three cylinder line-up that will provide more power, torque and greater efficiency than what we see today. Beyond the petrol and diesel engines, expect both a full electric version of the next MINI along with a plug-in hybrid that will be similar in philosophy to the new X5 eDrive.

Look for the G5X MINI to debut in late 2019 with hit showrooms in the first half of 2020. In other words, you’ve got time. Don’t wait if you need a car now.