For those of you who listened to recent episodes of [White Roof Radio](, you probably heard that we are currently testing [Automatic]( This accessory acts as a smart driving assistant that communicates with a car’s on-board computer and uses a smartphone’s capabilities to provide insights and data points on how to improve your driving style. Additionally, Automatic [partners with car manufacturers]( to have their platform integrated into infotainment systems.

Since most of us on the team are fans of new gadgets, Automatic was kind enough to land us a review unit and we finally found the time to set it up last Friday. We will have more to share after a month of use, but we can already tell you that the install is straightforward and that the app is well designed and user-friendly.

My first drive tracked by Automatic was a 407 miles round-trip between Boston and Manhattan where I averaged 32.3 mpg after 7:30 hours of driving for a total fuel cost of $46. All in all I scored 47 out of 100 but that’s probably because I followed French speed limits.

In any case, if you have questions regarding the device or specific features you’d like us to investigate, don’t hesitate to let us know in the comments section. Also make sure to check out their introduction video below.