Few things are more disturbing than seeing a Government agency abusing its power and then flaunting it. Except seeing a perfectly good classic Mini get destroyed for no reason. And when those two things come together in one horrendous video. Well it makes for a pretty sad day.

According to Yahoo Autos the Mini was one of about 100 cars that the fed seized in an effort to serve and protect. The agency is going after these grey imports (this was likely a 2000 model year and not a 1988 as the VIN indicated) in an effort to keep “foreign sellers were defrauding American consumers who thought they were purchasing a vintage car, when in fact they were purchasing a potentially unsafe car,” ” said Nancy Lewis, associate administrator at the U.S. Department of Transportation. Never mind the fact that the 1988 model didn’t have an updated cleaner engine or airbags. And never mind that it likely would have been decidedly safer and more trouble free than a 1988.