A few years ago MINI had to embarrassingly recall JCW models due to the tailpipes sticking out too far from the car. This was due to a little known regulation in the US meant to save owners from burning themselves on hot tailpipes. This time MINI is getting ahead of the issue and holding deliveries of the new JCW Tuning Kit and holding sales as they re-engineer the exhaust.

The JCW Tuning kit, meant as an after sales option for Cooper S owners, is similar to the R56 system, since the kit is comprised mostly of an exhaust and remapping software for the engine. However the results are a bit more impressive then before. Here are the details:

– A stainless steel cat-back system – cannot be sold without the engine kit
– Optional Carbon Fiber and Stainless tips with JCW logos
– 15hp Power increase due to ECU remapping and increase flow
– A remote that allows the driver to open and close the electronic baffle inside the exhaust allowing for a more aggressive note when appropriate
– Track mode – opens the exhaust baffle increasing exhaust noise via a button on the remote (this is mode is not approved for the street)

Will it be worth it once it does go on sale? We’ve always been a big fan of these kits – especially early on in the life-cycle as tuners typically take a few years to fully exploit new BMW engines. Then there’s the full warranty, pedigree and resell value it gives you.

This how any MINI should sound like. #mtts2104 #mini #miniusa #jcw #f56

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