normal_CT_111413_i3_0596Historically, the BMW Group and Apple have held a number of conversations regarding the integration of Apple products and services into their cars. In fact, BMW was one of the first brands to integrate the iPod in its vehicles. Most recently, these discussions have surrounded the topic of advanced connectivity, and according to [Auto Motor und Sport](, the two giants have partnered to develop a deeply integrated OS that would make its way into the i3. This new system “would allow not only iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad, laptop and Mac computers to communicate and exchange data, but it also could be integrated with the car’s fuel consumption and movement data.”

Since CarPlay has been announced, a number of BMW and MINI enthusiasts have been wondering when would the BMW Group open its platform to Apple. While our sources have repeatedly told us that investigations in that regard were ongoing, it now seems that we might get something even more advanced than CarPlay. When looking at infotainment systems, iDrive and MINI Connected are one of the best offerings in the space. However, they are far from being perfect and a touch of magic from the Cupertino firm would probably be a welcome addition.

Most things BMW tend to make their way into MINIs, so with that in mind what do you think of a potential Apple OS running your car?