We’ve specced our fair share of MINIs over the years and followed MINIUSA’s tweaking of options and packages. The truth is that the most underrated options differs greatly on what you’re doing with your car and where you drive. So instead of giving you a single answer, we’re going to give you three.

(Based on MINIUSA’s options and packages for the F54, F55 and F56)

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The Most Underrated Factory Option/Package for City Dwellers is: The Cold Weather Package.

It sounds crazy but the cold weather package is critical for those who are constantly fitting their MINI in tight urban spots as I typically am. The irony is that it’s not the listed options that help the city dwellers (although who doesn’t love a heated seat). It’s the unlisted options that deliver enormous convenience: The reviser dipping right-side mirror and the power folding mirrors. Both make the easier to park and fit in tight city-sized spots.

Runner up: the alarm and convenience package – we’ve can’t pick between the two.


The Most Underrated Factory Option/Package for Suburban Dwellers is: LED headlights

Never has the delta been bigger between the standard MINI headlight and the optional one. The current F54, F55 and F56 LED headlights are excellent and a clear (sic) improvement over the Xenons that came before them.

Runner up: the convenience package. Who likes pressing key-fobs?


The Most Underrated Factory Option/Package for Enthusiasts drivers: The Manual Transmission.

Yup, the single best way to endow your MINI with that go-kart feel is by simply ordering one without selecting the automatic. We think this is especially important outside of the city where you have plenty of space to stretch the MINI’s legs. But then again we we’re crazy enough to think it’s perfect for long urban commutes as well. Maybe it’s just perfect for everything.

Runner up: Variable dampers and/or the passive Sport Suspension (depending on whether you’re getting a Cooper, Cooper S or JCW).

Ok enough of what we think? What option or package can you not live without?