We’re excited to welcome back OutMotoring to the MotoringFile family. OutMotoring and MotoringFile has a long shared history – they were actually our first official advertiser and were directly responsible for jump starting the site you see today. More importantly OutMotoring has been serving the MINI community for 15 years and has a long history of great products, excellent service and community support.

Starting today you’ll see Outmotoring share content, product recommendations and offers to the MotoringFile community once a month. And if you look closely (i.e. read the entire piece) you might just find a discount code as well.

Enough from us. Lets hand it over to OutMotoring founder Aaron Cornaby.

MINI owners are as diverse as can be imagined. Just like their cars, no two are alike. That’s why we love working with MINI owners from around the world to make their MINI their own. Each wants his/her MINI to be different from the next and that makes life so much more interesting for us. The 1st sale we ever made was a set of EBC Brake Pads. The 2nd was a Alta Rear Sway bar. The 3rd was a set of Team Dynamics wheels. The 4th was Red Brake Caliper paint. From then on we would never even try to guess what was going to be purchased next, because each customer imagined something different for his/her MINI. Within the first weeks of business (in 2003) we quickly realized that there wasn’t a single item that was going to be super popular. In fact, the diversity is what makes this business so fun and challenging at the same time. It’s what drives us to continually seek out new products that MINI owners will fall in love with. Yes, MINI owners love their MINI and consider their MINI a part of the family – often giving it a name.

The MINI is basically a palette on which each owner paints his or her own amazing story. Sometimes it’s through stickers, graphics, and stripes. Sometimes it’s through the wide range of performance upgrades they’ve installed to make their MINI a unique reflection of their personality.

We learned quickly that most of the products we offer could be broken down into three main groups; Performance, Speed, and Style. That’s how we got our now famous tagline “OutMotoring- MINI Performance, Speed, and Style.

So, what type of MINI owner are you? Are you after only performance products such as a set of KW Coilovers, a big set of JCW Brembo brakes, or a larger rear sway bar? Are you after the blacked-out looktopped off with hefty dose of horsepower? Maybe you want to build a race ready track machine or weekend racer and need a larger turbo, intercooler, and custom ECU tunebut also want to be able to pick up your kid from preschool on weekdays. Or is your MINI a chrome goddess with a grill badge collection to show off? Whatever you’re after, we likely have what you need to build your MINI your way. MINI performance, speed, and style. It’s what drives us to build and maintain the best MINI parts and accessories website.

What we ultimately find is that even though these three groupings are fun ways to cluster certain types of products, most MINI owners are after a cross-section of all of them. While a very few focus heavily on one classification, they typically end up with products from all. We love it! It keeps life fun and allows us to help customers get just what they want.

OutMotoring project car #2; a Mellow Yellow 2007 Cooper S R56.

When we started in 2003 the MINI aftermarket parts business was new– so new that most of the existing retailers of auto parts did not know what to do with the brand and didn’t know how to support it. So they didn’t –  which is good for small retailers like us. They likely thought the MINI brand wouldn’t last more than a few years. Afterall, it was only one LITTLE car with no history in the USA! Did MINI owners even want upgrades? What parts are even on the market for the MINI? And, wait a minute, BMW owns them? Some retailers likely thought “Well, we’ll just leave it to the companies that offer BMW parts and accessories”, or “It’s a ‘fad’ car and will be gone in a few years”. Little did they know. So, a few major retailers picked up some parts here or there, but the largest retailers completely overlooked it  –  until just the last few years. Oops.

Luckily, OutMotoring and a few other MINI-specific retailers were there to support the lively and dedicated enthusiast group of new MINI owners around the world. Many other retailers have tried to get into the market and have done well, but most have ultimately failed. Mostly because they don’t understand what MINI owners want. MINI owners as a whole don’t want the same thing so you can’t just focus on one type of product without discouraging a larger group.

As a MINI owner, you’ve likely shopped around online only to find Retailer A doesn’t even list my MINI (they may not even list the Roadster or Coupe or get the Clubman and Countryman mixed up). Retailer B doesn’t have any products for my MINI when I select my model. Retailer C has MINI listed under BMW but doesn’t even have any sub models or just calls every model MINI makes a ‘Cooper’.

The amount of incorrect information about MINI parts, model fitment and MINI year + model breakdown at competitive retailers’ websites is staggering.

The OutMotoring.comsite has specific models, year ranges, and fitments listed on nearly each product. This is one of the reasons why OutMotoring.com is the go-to source for MINI parts.We also have what most MINI owners consider fantastic customer interaction, competitive prices, and snappy service. Along with an ultra-amazing MINI-specific product catalog, there’s rarely a reason to go elsewhere  –  especially to one of the massive retailers that just adds the MINI parts catalog to the list along with every other brand yet really doesn’t have a connection to the MINI owner and offers only a fragmented list of products. These sites are typically riddled with fitment errors and suffer from poor navigation, incorrect model categories and so on. It’s not that we enjoy calling out these errors, but we think MINI owners deserve more. That’s why we’ve builtour site FOR our customers.

OutMotoring.com site navigation makes shopping for MINI parts painless. Nearly all products have fitment notes and are classified by model and year.

So, you may be thinking to yourself, what is an article about a MINI parts retailer doing on my favorite MINI news site?Well, it’s a long story partly described in this article. We love MINI. We own MINIs, and we are devout to the MINI culture. We support MINI clubs.We support MINI news sites and forums and, in fact, we are one of the first to sponsor MotoringFile back when it was Bridger.us (waaaay long ago). We were one of the first to sponsor the White Roof Radio podcast. We’ve been supporting MINI owners and dozens of MINI Clubs around the world since the very beginning, and we’ve built relationships with tens of thousands of MINI owners over the years. MotoringFile offers the MINI community rich and accurate MINI news. Our shared love for the MINI brand makes this the perfect place for OutMotoring.comto have a presence.

OutMotoring.com HQ in Knoxville TN has a showroom, fully stocked warehouse, and room for one of many of their project cars. Here is the OutMotoring project car #3; a Chil Red 2011 Cooper S R56. Stop by if you’re driving through town! Project cars #4; a Laser Blue 2010 Cooper S F56, project car #5; a Pepper White 2014 Cooper S F56, and project car #6 a Chili Red 2003 Cooper S R53 wait their turn for their time in the showroom.

Over the next few months, we’ll be posting helpful product information, new product offerings, product highlights, and general awesomeness.We hope you enjoy. We have a long relationship with Gabe, Nathaniel, DB, Alex, Todd (at White Roof Radio), and others at Motoringfile and want to share our love of the MINI brand with the readers of MotoringFile.

If you have yet to shop at OutMotoring.com, we welcome you to stop by and browse our offeringsfor your next MINI upgrade.  Enter discount code MTR5 to save 5% on your next order. Enjoy your ride!