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By OutMotoring.com

We’re alway searching for new MINI related products and typically add about 900 or so replacement parts along with 15-30 performance parts each month. This month we’ve been focusing on the F54 Clubman replacement parts and within the next few weeks we’ll be nearly done with that model and the F60 Countryman. That brings us to just over 17,000 products on our website! Our online MINI parts catalog is one of the best in the world and we welcome you to stop by and shop anytime!

When it comes to the ‘fun’ stuff we’ve added this month we’ve got some great additions to talk about. Check out some of the highlights below.

F Series (F55, F56, and F57) Replacement Grill Surround in Gloss Black is now available!

F55, F56, and F57 REPLACEMENT Gloss Black Front Grill Surround.

Gen3 MINI owners have been buying up the Gloss Black stick-on grill surround cover for years. We’ve sold so many we usually run out before our next shipment arrives. While this stick on version is a great solution for those that just want the look of the Gloss Black surround we’re happy to now offer this factory MINI genuine REPLACEMENT surround. And guess what? It costs LESS than the stick-on version! So, be sure to check out the new Black Grill Surround we just added a few days ago and get rid of that factory chrome grill surround. Check out the Black Headlight and Taillight Rings while you’re at it.

New Koni Special Active Shocks replace the popular FSD shocks. Now sold separately.

KONI Special Active Shocks

With the recent discontinuation of the VERY popular KONI FSD (Frequency Selective Damping) family of shocks we are proud to offer their upgraded replacement product the Special Active series. The Special Active shocks are also sold separately whereas the FSD series was only sold as a complete set. The new shocks are surely going to be a industry favorite as they take the FSD technology in a new direction. These will be the go-to shock for those that want to increase suspension performance while adding comfort to the daily commute. MINI owners with more than 80K or so miles or are finding the stock shocks just too harsh will appreciate these new Special Active shocks For use with stock springs or lowering springs to bring your MINI to a new dimension of ride quality and performance. Available for all Gen1 and Gen2 MINIs but are not yet available for the Countryman or Paceman models.

URO Parts offer genuine replacement MINI parts at a fraction of the price.

Our URO Aftermarket ‘OE’ Replacement Parts catalog is growing!

As we have been adding thousands of OEM MINI genuine replacement parts we have also been very cautiously looking for the highest quality aftermarket replacement parts from brands that have impeccable reputations. URO parts is one that we have selected and are proud to offer a range of lower cost replacement options that are manufactured to the same rigid standards that genuine MINI parts are made to. While the selection is quite limited we have added a few key products such as gen1 distributors, window regulators, thermostats, overflow tanks, and a few other components. As you shop for replacement MINI parts consider the URO brand and know that the quality will be top notch and the price may be about 40-60% below the genuine MINI part cost.

Front + Rear sets of clear or tinted LED wheel arch lights are now available.

Front + Rear Tinted or Clear LED Wheel Arch Lights now available as a kit.

Our popular clear LED and tinted LED wheel arch lights are now available in sets. Our selection in the past was a bit spotty with some applications or fitments being only available in tinted or clear but we now have BOTH options for Gen1 and Gen2 MINIs! These replace the factory installed red or orange wheel arch / running lights and utilize factory light bulb connections for a quick install.

As usual OutMotoring.com continues to seek out the best and newest MINI parts and accessories to keep your beloved MINI on the road and in style.

If you need any replacement, repair, upgrade, performance, or styling products for your MINI be sure to stop by and shop today.

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Aaron Cornaby- Head Motorer