The JCW GP make it’s UK debut (in prototype form) this past weekend at the Goodwood Festival of Speed. After spending a few days at the MINI booth the GP took to the famous hill climb for a quick run. It’s great to see the car (even in a camouflaged state) in motion as it gives the wing and those outrageous fender flares a bit more context. Look for more teases of the GP in the coming weeks ahead of its Frankfurt reveal this September.

Technical Details

Powering the GP will be the B48A20T1 which debuted in the X2 M35i. This engine features a number of physical changes over the previous JCW power plant. Reinforced crankshaft, larger main bearings and new pistons fitted with a reduced compression ratio (9.5:1 vs 10.2:1) all allows for a larger turbocharger and increased boost. The intake airflow tract is also improved on the B48A20T1 for higher flow while the cooling system has been upgraded to keep it all at a proper operating temperature.

Helping to put this power down to the road will be the same 8 speed automatic already found in the JCW Countryman and Clubman. Or at least that’s what sources are telling us. While we’d love to be wrong on this one, it would make a lot of sense given the complexity of applying that much torque through the front tires. That’s right, despite the power the GP will remain front wheel drive.

Leveraging the front wheel drive and 8-speed sport automatic transmission, it’s rumored that MINI will offer an improved launch control allowing for consistent all-out sprints from a standing stop.

MINI JCW GP Production and Timing

The other key figure is production quantity – 3,000. That’s 1000 more than the 2nd generation GP and a number that hints at how successful MINI believes this all new GP will be. However that doens’t mean it’ll be easy to get. Given the power and extreme styling this new GP will likely be in demand unlike never before. Our recommendation would be to visit your local MINI dealer and make sure you’re on the list now.

Sources tell us that MINI is planning production for spring of 2020. Which sounds like great timing for anyone who wants a GP for MTTS 2020.