”>Autocar has an exclusive on BMW’s plans to extend it’s agreement with Jaguar Land Rover.

The two companies had originally come to terms on sharing electric engines for future products. However this new agreement would extend far beyond that and into all powertrains and would likely include smaller engines destined for MINIs and entry label Jaguars and Land Rovers.

From Autocar:

According to Autocar’s sources, BMW is to supply Jaguar Land Rover with internal combustion engines, including in-line four- and six-cylinder units “both with and without electrically-assisted hybrid functions”.

The move is said to be aimed at allowing Jaguar Land Rover to reduce its on-going investment in petrol, diesel and hybrid drivelines and instead focus its research and development spending on the electric drivelines in partnership with BMW.

For BMW the deal safeguards existing research and development, procurement and production operations by adding volume beyond its own brands, BMW, Mini and Rolls Royce.