The F56 generation is the best made, best performing and most capable small MINI never made. So let’s keep it around for a bit longer. That’s our assessment after BMW confirmed that the next generation MINI would indeed be postponed. The current rumors point to 2022 or beyond meaning that the F56 generation could last up to 10 years – an eternity for a company like BMW. But the truth is that we think this delay give MINI a chance to make the F56 even better and its follow-up more market-ready.

It could also allow for that lifted F55 five door we’ve heard rumored for the past few years.

Next Generation MINI

Ironically it’s also good timing. The components and raw materials of the next generation of electric cars are just a few years away from mass production. By delaying the small MINIs (which are rumored to be mostly electric) it allows BMW to put its best foot forward with more range and performance while keeping costs low.

In the short term it will also allow MINI to bring another refresh to the current small MINI range with styling and performance updates.

That’s our quick take. What’s yours?