The classic sound of a high-performance four cylinder MINI will soon be a thing of the past. Some rumors point to MINI aggressively moving to an all electric line-up for its small cars by 2023. Other rumors point to MINI selling petrol and electric in parallel for a few more years before going all electric. Either way it’s a change that is coming and means the Cooper and Cooper S hatch as we know it will cease to exist. Are you ready?

Having driven the all electric MINI, we’re generally optimistic. It’s shocking how an electric drivetrain has not just transformed the current MINI, but enhanced the very characteristics that make MINIs so special. But we can’t help but feel something will be lost in the ultimate transition.

Hearing the full throated roar of a JCW or a well tuned second-hand MINI from a block away will be missed. As will manual shifts and dropping the clutch for a quick getaway. In general there’s an analog quality and a finesse in driving that will be simply lost to new generations as we move to all electric MINIs.

Does it matter? Will the benefits to the environment and overall performance make us forget it all? For some that will be the case. But for us, and we’re guessing many of you, well cared for second-hand MINIs will begin to take on new meaning and importance to all of us.

Are you ready to embrace electric MINIs?