The new MINI USA configurator is here and for BMW fans it might look familiar. That’s because it’s a straight re-skin of the BMW experience which launched last year. While it’s not perfect (there are some question UX choices and rendering issues), it’s a big step up from the previous version. We took the new MINIUSA configurator for a spin recently on Youtube and found plenty to like. We also quickly found some interesting product and option scenarios that will definitely impact those ordering cars.

Beyond the configurator there’s plenty else new about The website’s enhancements include a complete redesign of key product pages including the MINI Hardtop 2-Door and 4-Door models, MINI Convertible, MINI Cooper SE electric, MINI Countryman and MINI John Cooper Works lineups, as well as the page featuring all the MINI Special Editions. The site’s online shopping tools were also combined in the new “Shop @ Home” page for an easier research and purchase process at home.

Make no mistake however, the MINIUSA configurator is the start of the show here. With plenty of research and customer feedback to sift through, it was redesigned over the last six months to be easier to use and to create more highly detail-oriented experience to both customers and dealers. It retains and refines several key features from the previous configuration platform, while adding entirely new features that streamline the experience.

One of the most enjoyable parts of the new car buying process is the ability to virtually create and visualize what your new MINI will look like,” said Rah Mahtani, Brand Communications Manager, MINI USA. “In updating our consumer site, we set out to create a whole new Build Your Own experience to perfectly match MINI as one of the most famously customizable automotive brands out there.

Key updates to the new MINIUSA Configurator include:

MINIUSA Configurator

New Features

  • 360-degree, hi-res views of MINI exteriors and interiors
  • Interstitial messaging to confirm customization selections
  • Value-driven stories about features and options for added context to customers
  • Option to save and share personalized customizations with unique Build Codes

User Experience Improvements

  • Brand new look and feel, with a redesigned user experience
  • Simplified navigation with fewer steps
  • Alignment with ordering guide nomenclature for consistency
  • Improved ‘selection rail’ ensuring choices are on-screen at all times
  • New high-resolution vehicle images
  • Faster load times and mobile-friendly design
  • Printable summary page with option codes

MINIUSA Configurator: More Updates Planned

This re-platform is just the start. MINI USA also plans to make additional enhancements later this year.

  • Micro-Configurator that allows customers to compare trim features and exterior color
  • Dealer Inventory Matching enabling users to see vehicles in nearby dealer inventory that closely match the selections of their build in real-time as they customize through the BYO steps
  • In-Transit Inventory will provide ability to show vehicles that have been produced, but are not yet on dealer lots
  • Build Recommendations will recommend certain models and options based on geographic and demographic data