MINI USA didn’t have an official presence at the LA Auto Show this year but the brand certainly had an impact. Harkening back to the early 2000s that saw MINI use various gorilla marketing strategies to get attention, the brand unveiled a giant RC car controller that actually charges electric cars via a 240v Level 2 system.

Read the full release below for all the hilarious details.

Official Release: MINI USA Unveils Giant RC Car Controller That Charges Electric Vehicles

Before getting behind the wheel for the first time, many of today’s drivers found their love for cars at an early age with electric remote controlled, or RC, cars. Today, MINI USA looks to bring back that playful, childhood element to full-sized electric vehicles, many of which are expected at the 2022 Los Angeles Auto Show kicking off this week. Playing on MINI’s small size and fun-to-drive spirit, MINI has erected a giant 240V Level 2 electric vehicle charger in the shape of an attention-getting “MINI-fied” RC controller. The oversized charging station is located in close proximity to the Los Angeles Convention Center, at 698 West Olympic Boulevard at the corner of Flower Street.
The RC controller-shaped charger will be in place and fully functional November 18-19, the first two days of the LA Auto Show. EV owners interested in plugging into the RC charger can look for a parking space with the message “OUT-FUN THE COMPETITION” spray-painted within, as well as signage on either side pointing arrows and the message “CHARGE THIS WAY.”
“At MINI we always like to bring a splash of excitement that reminds people of the fun and creativity inherent to MINI’s culture,” said Rah Mahtani, Brand Communications Manager, MINI USA. “We strive to keep that fun and excitement alive for everyone that loves to drive, and this project unites the ideas of today’s electric vehicles with our collective nostalgia for the electric RC cars of our youth.”
The giant sized charger sits at approximately nine feet tall and is finished in Nanuq White, the newest color offered on the MINI Cooper SE, with a name chosen by MINI fans.  The top of the charger is painted in a contrasting black which pays homage to the signature MINI contrast roof, and the giant wheel control on the side is an actual full-size MINI wheel and tire.
In the base of the charger is a 10-inch interactive screen that features video content of MINI USA’s most recent “Nanuq the polar bear”, campaign spot.  A QR code is also displayed that allows people to access the MINI Electric augmented reality filter to explore and have fun learning about the MINI electric while they wait for their EV to charge.
Following its stint at the LA Auto Show, the MINI RC charger will go on tour, with its temporary installation at several local MINI dealers throughout California, before being packed up in a giant cardboard box and stored in the attic at mom’s house.