MINI is re-thinking its long-standing rear design for its iconic MINI Cooper. Since 1959 MINI has used a vertical layout for its lights. That was extended and rethought slightly for the R50 in 2001 and evolved since then over the last 20 years. However for MINI’s next generation of Coopers the brand is completely re-thinking it’s traditional approach.

MINI is leaning into digital customization inside and outside. Inside there’s the massive circular OLED screen that will house all of the car’s settings and digital functionality. According to sources that interface and experience will be customizable along with an all new interior lighting concept. But where things get even more interesting is on the outside.

The F66 MINI Cooper (ICE) and it’s camouflaged rear tail lights

Leveraging LED technology, an owner of the new J01 or F66 Cooper can change how their front and rear lights look when on and active. Want Union Jack tail lights? Or how about something more minimal? MINI will offer a number of different designs that will help owners differentiate their cars.

The J01 MINI Cooper (EV) seen here with no camouflage and rear lights exposed. You can clear see the individual blocks of LEDs and how they would allow for customization.
G56 J01
Finally here’s a still from a MINI video showing how they would light-up with a Union Jack design