Yesterday we showed you the future of the MINI digital experience with the new circular OLED screen and MINI OS9. In that massive report we give you a glimpse of the new MINI Experience Modes. But there’s more to show so we wanted to go in-depth on the concept and what each of the modes will deliver.

MINI Experience Modes – A New World of Personalization

The latest MINI models introduce “MINI Experience Modes,” which are designed to amplify the  connection between drivers and their cars. Standard specification includes the Core, Green and Go-Kart Modes, each of which has its own specific user interface design. However there are a handful to optional and model dependent modes. With Experience Modes MINI aims to immerse drivers in a personalized driving experience. By combining light and sound, they aim to elevate the overall driving encounter.

At the center of this experience lies the circular OLED screen, the MINI Interaction Unit, which adapts its design and content based on the selected mode. 

Core Mode

Core is the standard mode and the one you’ll in most photos when the J01 MINI Cooper Electric launches. In other words its the standard mode that most people will probably use.

When Core Mode is selected is the main menu with the MINI widgets remains in the foreground. The interface on the circular display switches to Laguna – an almost teal blue. Additionally both the optional projection and ambient lighting adjust automatically to match this color. 

The “Core” driving sound is introduced as the new electric MINI brand sound, which can be heard both inside the car and from outside (functioning as acoustic pedestrian protection). MINI describes the sound  as inviting, energizing, and stimulating. Since we haven’t driven the car yet, will withhold judgement. 

Go-Kart Mode

Our favorite both thematically and visually has to be Gp-Kart mode. Inspired by MINI’s motorsport DNA, Go-Kart Mode changes the display interface and the interior to a darker look using anthracite and red. The circular display adopts a classic speedometer that can transform from digital to analogue across the full surface of the screen. The projection and ambient lighting are adjusted automatically to the Go-Kart colors. 

Crucially for most of us, Go-Kart also remaps throttle response allowing for the feeling of more immediate torque. The Go-Kart driving sound is marked out by strongly pronounced pitch and fall which should go along with the remapped throttle well. We’ve also heard rumors of things like drift mode and remapped steering but we’ll have to wait for the official debut for more information.

Green Mode

Not surprisingly MINI has a Green most and it’s focused on efficiency. As you guessed the screen and ambient lighting is green. But more interestingly MINI has gamified the experience using an animal (to us it looks like a stylized cheetah) to indicate through both their coloring and their character which efficiency level (high, medium, low) the driver is currently achieving.

As you’d expect the throttle response of the accelerator pedal is optimized for efficient driving. There’s likely other energy saving measures at play but MINI isn’t going into details yet.

Balance Mode

Balance mode exudes tranquility and unpretentiousness. The driving sound of Balance draws inspiration from the serene symphony of a forest, from the gentle babbling of streams and the melodious chirping of crickets to the rustling whispers of the wind through the tree. On paper it sounds like an artfully crafted auditory landscape and all very relaxing.

Timeless Mode

The one many of you will love, Timeless brings the classic Mini aesthetic back with a refined serif typeface and a prominent speedometer, elegantly juxtaposed against a cream backdrop. Timeless Mode is particularly beautiful at night when the display and projections shift darker.

 MINI Cooper electric

In the MINI “Timeless” driving sound, MINI merged the past and present. The Sound Design team worked to capture the sound from an original 1959 Mini as well as the original 2006 JCW GP. The result is a seamless blend with a futuristic interpretation of the MINI “Core” driving sound.

Vivid Mode

This mode revolves around the presentation of media content. The user interface design has a vivid spectrum of colors, while the projections and ambient lighting inside the car are derived from the cover artwork of the currently playing music, leveraging automatic color selection technology.

Personal Mode

With Personal Picture Upload, the realm of possibilities is endless. This mode allows customers to select and showcase their own pictures as the backdrop for the MINI circular display via the MINI App. Personal Mode also extends to match the interior lighting and dashboard projection with a seamlessly chosen hue, complementing the relevant image, much like the Vivid Mode.

Trail Mode

While most if not all of these modes will carry over to the entire MINI family, Trail will be unique to the MINI Countryman.m Thematically Trail is designed feel rugged and fit the profile of the MINI Countryman. A virtual compass, accompanied by real-time vehicle inclination data, symbolizes venturing into off the conventional path. Or down the street. Either way it looks cool.