Last year MINI launched a website that gave visitors from around world a chance to see MINI production in action. While the site was a valiant effort to bring the state of the art facility to the masses, it tended to be tedious to navigate and slow to load. Still, there are a few gems (in the form of video) that really deserve to be seen. So for those that want to bypass the extras and go straight to the action, let me present to you the very cool MINI Spycam Video.

If you want to see more, check out a few of the other, smaller videos on the site:

[ Contrast Roof ] [ Spotwelding ] [ Impressions ] [ Rearlights ]

And for those with some time and bandwidth to kill, you check out the entire site below:

[ The Making of MINI ]

(For best viewing, downloading the videos as Quicktime files is recommended)