MINI Manufacturing Videos

Last year MINI launched a website that gave visitors from around world a chance to see MINI production in action. While the site was a valiant effort to bring the state of the art facility to the masses, it tended to be tedious to navigate and slow to load. Still, there are a few gems (in the form of video) that really deserve to be seen. So for those that want to bypass the extras and go straight to the action, let me present to you the very cool MINI Spycam Video.

If you want to see more, check out a few of the other, smaller videos on the site:

[ Contrast Roof ] [ Spotwelding ] [ Impressions ] [ Rearlights ]

And for those with some time and bandwidth to kill, you check out the entire site below:

[ The Making of MINI ]

(For best viewing, downloading the videos as Quicktime files is recommended)

  • petecrosby

    Very cool. I had not seen that before.

  • Shooler

    Absolutely amazing. To watch it as it’s built adds even more to the Mini ownership experience.

  • RoccosModernLife

    Those videos are great! Thanks for the easy links!

    What happened in the end to the photos of your MINI during production?

  • Mike (The Office Maven)

    Hi All,

    Just as an FYI…

    At one point MINI introduced a new feature (on a test basis and only available to 555 MINIs worldwide) on the Owner’s Lounge where they would let you see pictures and a video of your very own MINI actually being built?

    It was a super cool feature and my wife’s PW/B MCS just happened to be one of the few cars selected to have a video made of it durning production. I took a bunch of screen shots of the whole thing and posted them up on MINI2 for everyone to see. If you’d like to have a look, here’s the link:

    Which is part of this main MINI2 thread:

    Personalized MINI Production Video

    Also, here’s a pointer back to the original Motoringfile article that mentioned this really cool feature:

    See Your MINI As It’s Being Created

    It’s a real shamethat MINI didn’t make this a reality for everyone. It was a very cool feature and it’s something that I think would have really added to the “MINI Ownership Experience”.

  • I can’t tell you the number of times I watched these videos over and over when my MINI was being built, pretty much exactly a year ago!

  • ZMini

    Does anyone know any software can make any video files into screensaver? That will be really cool I can show this video at my work.

  • GBMiniGirl

    Thanks, Gabe! My son was just asking about how they make MINIs yesterday! What great timing!

  • The production video was also on a Mini International issue CD (can’t remember wich one but will search if there is interest). It has a much higher bitrate and therefore better quality than the downloadable version. It’s close to 300Mb. The other video’s I already found since I broke down the production flash into more readable webpages (click on my website link but this is a Bablfish translation since my websiote is in Dutch).