Exhaust Popping

One of the many of items that was revised for 2005 model year was the exhaust sound on the Cooper S. MINI not only altered the physical design slightly but also re-tuned the engine management software creating a few entirely new exhaust sounds that hadn’t been heard from a stock MCS or even JCW before. This has caused quite a few owners not aware of the change to ask the now familiar question, “what’s that popping?” MINIUSA relased a official service measure earlier this year on the subject which should, once and for all, answer this question:

Service Measure M 18 200 04 9/27/04

Subject: Model Year 2005 MINI Cooper S Popping From Exhaust

Complaint: The vehicle exhibits an acoustic feedback of the exhaust system under the following conditions: Engine braking in 1st, 2nd, or 3rd gear. Increasing engine speed above 3000 rpm while the vehicle is stationary

The popping noise from the exhaust system can also be described as a “backfire” from the engine.

Measure: Do not attempt to repair or replace any parts, this is not a failure of any driveline components. The acoustic feedback is a standard feature of the 2005 Model Year Cooper S vehicle produced as of 7/2004. This feature cannot be retrofitted to the previous model year vehicles.