I’m pleased to report that we now have well over 500 600 700 readers listed on the MotoringFile Reader Map! That makes it easily the biggest online MINI owner map in the world. But the best part about it all has to be the photos that readers have shared. In fact I’m starting to feel my MINI is a little tame compared to most out there! (Anyone want to buy a set of s-lites?)

So if you haven’t checked it out or (gasp) listed yourself, head over now. And let’s aim for 600 700 next week! (yes – we actually did this in three days!)

[ MotoringFile Frappr ] Frappr


And while your in the mapping mood, check out the growing list of MINI clubs from around the world listed on the MotoringFile MINI Club Mappr:

[ MINI Club Mappr ] MotoringFile