MINI Gets Creative with New Agency

BusinessWeek has a revealing article in its February 6th issue about MINI’s recent search for a new ad agency. Powerpoint and dark suits, it was not:

MINI started out following a standard script, up to a point. McDowell’s first move was to hire Raleigh (N.C.)-based consultant Hasan Ramusevic, who handles a dozen ad agency searches a year. Ramusevic began with 50 candidates; MINI whittled them down to eight, inviting them to answer long questionnaires and visit headquarters. Of those, four were selected for a rigorous tryout process that would last two months.

The first deviation from the norm came when McDowell organized a “boot camp” for the four finalists: a weekend immersion into all things MINI at a Rye Brook (N.Y.) hotel. There was plenty of face time and driving but the agencies were also required to perform in front of one another as each tried to impress the client-to-be, an unheard-of concept in the notoriously competitive ad world. “You don’t expect the client in these situations to be creative…that’s what they want us for,” says Scott Goodson, president of Strawberry Frog, one of the four contenders.

MINI and winnign agency BSSP will be launching the new ad campaign this spring. You can read the entire article here:

[ Getting Creative With Mad Ave ] Business Week


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  • NJ Ron

    Way to go MINI!

    As a marketing guy and a MINI guy – you are correct in your thinking.

  • It would be great to go look at what they have done in the past. Does anyone know the website of the new agency?

  • giacomo

    THERE YA GO………

  • O(=^=)O Capn

    I hope they don’t change the way that the “build your own” is set up on the website. it is head and shoulders above all the other international MINI sites out there. Userfriendly, Easy, and you can see what it will look like when you make a change immediatly.

  • James

    Did you notice the Chili Red MINI the comes in at the top of the screen on the BusinessWeek Menu?

  • Paul

    Anyone find the renegade video?