MINI USA’s Electronic Billboards

We’ve heard reports from several readers in NYC, Chicago (on I294 near O’Hare) and San Franscico that they’re seeing roadside billboards featuring an R56 MINI and a large electronic message that seems to change daily. While electronic billboards are nothing new, we have a feeling these billboards could be pretty interesting since their message could continually evolve throughout their lifespan. They’re also the first appearance of the R56 in an official advertisement by MINI USA.

No photos to share yet but we expect some reader contributions soon.


    Havent seen any here in New York City yet, but I did see one that read “Its embarassing when your garage doesnt fit anymore.”

  • I saw one the other day – off 294 as reported. I was too busy getting annoyed at the never ending construction that I didn’t pay too much attention to it until afterwards.

    I used to have a client that owned a Billboard company (until they sold it a few months ago for a gazillion dollars) and electronic billboards are definitely going to become more prevelant as well as even customizable (i.e.: targeted) utilizing wi-fi, bluetooth, etc.

    As usual, MINI is staying on the bleeding edge.

    I don’t know that I’ll be driving up that way in the next few days, but if I do, I will attempt to get a photo. However, I assume other readers will get to it first and undoubtedly will be much better photographers than I.



  • Aurel

    There is on on 10th Avenue in NYC by the entrance of the Lincoln Tunnel … saw it last week … and the message does change … looks like the regular billboard with the text changing.

    The NYC MINI contingent is having our 3rd annual New Year’s Eve Eve run tonight through Times Square … so I will try to get a pic off.

  • lavardera

    My daughter spotted one yesterday – I missed it, eyes on the road…

    Near Philadelphia, on I95 just north of the airport, saw it heading north.

  • hey aurel – would love to join your nyc mini gang – shoot me an email!

    cheers – drew

  • Confused

    I don’t get why this is MotoringFile “newsworthy.”

  • Crzy Eye’d Killa

    Maybe owners will be given a special keychain to allow them to post messeges on these billboards? I dont know, like their minis name or something.

  • Near Philadelphia, on I95 just north of the airport, saw it heading north.

    FYI – The one in Philly is actually not an LED board like the rest – just a regular one.

  • bluzeke
    FYI – The one in Philly is actually not an LED board like the rest – just a regular one.

    . . . ain’t nuttin’ get by d’Gabe! 😉

  • lavardera

    Oh – that’s what I get for watching the road

  • Siddhartha

    There’s a morphing LED one on the east side entry to the San Francisco Bay Bridge. Limp and ineffective I call it. I prefer bulldog shiffing tailpipes. I guess I’m old school.

  • Tony K

    Rumor has it that in the future the signs will be able to identify a passing MINI and display a message saying hello to the owner and/or the car.

  • I don’t get why this is MotoringFile “newsworthy.”

    You will.

  • James
  • Roger

    There is one of these new billboard in Miami. It is visible from the southbound lane of SR-826 (The Palmetto) between NW 58 and NW 25 St. Its on the right side.

  • Thameth

    Roger, I drive past that same billboard every morning on the way to work. I’ll see if one day i can stop and shoot a bunch of shots of it. It seems to change its saying about every 5 minutes or so.

  • Roger

    I just received an email from MINI USA inviting me to join a pilot called the “Motorby” program. In short, you fill out a profile, are sent a key fob, and every time you drive in front of the billboard, you are give a unique, customized message. I, of course, instantly signed up and should be receiving my key fob in two to three weeks.

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  • Heya Gabe, there’s one near my work here in San Francisco. The message changes every few minutes, they are mostly the little taglines you saw on the website (while flash is loading the next page) but yeah, there’s a slew of cheeky motoring phrases. I was sitting outside with my co-workers at lunch, and we were reading them. Someone suggested setting up a webcam to capture all of the phrases.. so, yeh I’m getting one of the Motorboard key fobs. Soon as I do I will send you pics, etc for WRR, ok?

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