MotoringFile May Photo Contest results

With Summer now in full swing and the end of June looming, it’s time to recognize the photographers who provided us with some fantastic imagery during the month of May. The beautiful Spring weather here in the US has given us all some excuses to get out to motor a bit and fortunately many of you are carrying your cameras along!

This fourth installment of the MotoringFile Photo Contest saw an even gross of eligible images from the MotoringFile Flickr group with subjects ranging from cute couples and high-mileage MINIs to bouts of obsessive detailing and mean curves. One of the reasons it takes us so long to get through all these wonderful shots is that we keep getting sidetracked looking at more cool photos!

And so, without further ado, we present this month’s winners!

First Place

Handle a MINI
‘Handle a MINI’ by Juan Calderón

JC’s one of those guys who will wow you with every picture he takes. He fails to disappoint yet again with this month’s winner, showcasing the power of bokeh. Step right up and claim your prize, Juan!

Runners Up

On Top of the Cherohala Skyway
‘On Top of the Cherohala Skyway’ by Drillslinger

Drillslinger gives us a little taste of the kind of weather extremes we’re treated to every year at MINIs on the Dragon, sometimes within mere feet of one another!

Why is the steering wheel on this side?
‘Why is the steering wheel on this side?’ by dickdavid

Dickdavid captures the innocent curiosity of a future motorer.

‘20070506_MOTD_884.JPG’ by Ben S.

Ben brings us another trick shot of his Checkmate MCS. Kind of makes you wonder who’s driving, tho, doesn’t it?

Honorable Mentions

GP Number motion
‘GP Number motion’ by Jon Morgan

‘1275’ by Giorgio

‘MOTD07_6180’ by Peter Wan

Thanks again (and as always) to everyone to contributes to the pool every month. Sometimes its a lot of work to get through them all and pick just a few winners, but it’s always worth it!

  • WooHoo! Luc gets to be on the MotoringFile! Thanks for posting the shot.

  • Drill

    WooHoo is right 😀 I finally take a decent picture and what do you know, runner-up. That would be ironic if y’all had any clue just how much I DON’T run 😉

  • tsukiji

    Sweet submissions!

  • J/C

    Hey thanks for picking my photo. I was trying for the shallow DoF while making sure I’d get the reflection of the other MINI in the handle.

  • benzamg

    Congrats on 1st place, Juan! Nice shots posted up there everyone. Thanks for picking one of mine!

    …in case anyone is wondering, This is how I roll (Photo courtesy of uptick)

  • Vanwall

    Lovely work by all – Juan, you just keep getting better!

  • Jon Morgan

    Some great shots in this month and its great to see another of mine..

  • Peter

    I’m humbled to be mentioned amoung this group ;). Thanks Brian/MotoringFile.

  • Way to go Ben and Peter!! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! WOOHOO!!

  • Felicidades Juan!!!

    And others photographers too!!