Yep, 199 of these are under our belt if you can believe that. Lets get right to it.

Classic WRR in the first 10 minutes. I mean, this is the stuff of legends I tell you. Besides, we got to use Fieros (again), the jumping VW Van (again) and CHiPs. It doesn’t get any better than this.

We spend most of the show talking about the Motoringfile R50/R53 Buyers Guide. Good stuff abounds for those of you in the market for a MINI.

Be sure to check out the About pages if you haven’t lately. They are neat.

Thursday we will be recording the 200th episode of the Woofcast. Join us won’t you on Thursday? Say 7-ish (California time, the rest of you do the math). I’m sure it will be via uStream. I know Robert and Micheal will be stopping by. I also know that the 20th is a very special day for WRR. Look it up, or listen to Woof21 if you forgot. It should be awesome!

Woofcast #199 [audio:]

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