MINI USA VP on Fox News

Jim McDowell, Vice President of MINI USA on a recent episode of Fox News talking about MINI sales, what’s getting traded in and who is driving the cars.

Thanks Adam for sending this in!

  • AN

    Nice job Jim. Smooth. Especially for not laughing at her accent.

  • Jon

    A good interview Jim!

    Think he got the high points across well, and a excellent reply to the JDpowers article.

  • Excellent video – thanks for posting 🙂

  • Eliot R.

    The bit about MINIs being the most recommended by owners in the business was the most interesting part of this interview for me. And yet, it does not surprise me. I try to get anyone I know to at least think about the MINI.

  • beken

    Hmmmm…the Clubman’s a 5 door hatchback huh?

  • Jon

    That was my only sticking point, he should have corrected the interviewer that the Clubman isn’t a four door car. Think his statment about it being a five door should have been followed up on but they hit him with another question to quick.

  • Texas Pete

    Hmmmmm… I really did’nt notice that she had an accent

  • s.m8o

    Weird the video even starts, but then stops… if you select the “pop-up” it states the video isn’t found… nor if you do a video search on their website. So why does it even start for a second?

  • MaxMCS

    I had no video issues… however, I DO still have issues with the J.D. Power thing. I feel like I’m driving a small BMW when I step into an R56, it’s just such an enjoyable and comfortable place to be. And the cars are all quite reliable; I don’t see the quality problems. Then again, maybe I’m biased.

  • ahh great! now everyone is going to want one!

    seriously though, a pretty good interview which ironically, balances out the recent FOX review of the Clubman (now if only FOX could get the “balance” thing right on every other issue).

  • TSizemore3

    Jim was even wearing a MTTS 08 wristband. I wonder how old this interview is?

  • GregW

    So who is the President then?

  • John Q.

    Someone should tell him his ideas on the SUV and 5 door are dead wrong.

  • Well presented very interesting from an assuie down under, I own a Mk1 1968 Cooper S & would like a new Cooper S but do not have the $’s.

    Mr Cooper S Ken

  • Evan

    What a horrible set of interviewers. At least Jim handled it very well. Any explanation about how the Clubman’s doors are actually configured would be lost on the interviewer. It was almost spoof like. Best In Show anyone?

    And my MINI is my only car. Not my third. And I do recommend it to everyone. So much fun, such good mileage.

    New MINI drivers- welcome and keep up the waving!!

  • C4

    I had the pleasure to meet and speak to Jim McDowell at MTTS here in Miami. He is an absolute gentleman and a real pleasure to talk. The most approachable car executive, ever!

    I think he handled the interview like a champ. My favorite response of his: “The MINI is a performance car in a small package”.

    Thank you Jim for a job well done!

  • Nathaniel Salzman

    Yeah, there’s some [not] fantastic journalism going on there. “Well the people I know who have MINI’s, it’s their third car…” and therefore that’s everybody who buys them. His ongoing spew of ignorant assumption was just maddening. Jim did a great job though.

  • C4

    Well… It is Fox News after all. What else can you expect from the “Fair & Balance” news source mouthpiece? 🙂

  • McCain Rules

    C4, Fox news is way better that the liberal crap you watch.

  • C4

    I don’t watch much US based news outlets anyway 🙂

  • McCain Rules

    So you watch BBC? BBC= LIBERAL Whatever, I don’t care. I’m done. I gotta give Jim McDowell some credit– He runs the greatest car brand in history!

  • C4

    I agree, Jim McDowell is doing a fantastic job.

  • Mr. Bean

    Cheers! To Jim McDowell!

  • Mr. Bean

    Sorry I forgot the “Three” in front of “Cheers” Lets try that again.

    Three Cheers! to Jim McDowell.

  • s.m8o

    ya, I was finally able to see the video. It occurred to me during the interview, when it got on the doors, it was in reference to the Clubman and it -is- a 5 door… it atcually has -2- rear doors, that passenger side rear door and two front doors…. 5. 😉

    If it wasn’t for this link I’d have never seen it… would never watch Fox News or a visit Fox website on my own even if paid. ….and that’s even regardless of Fox having been created by someone from the motherland/fatherland.

  • alpinamike

    Yes good job Jim, met him in 2006 on MTTS. Very nice guy and its funny he came form the BMW side of things and use to overlook the BMW PC in Spartanburg, SC so he has aways been into the performance side of cars even though they are small. What he should have said was that gas milage is a perk, its not the number one thing for buying a MINI , its the whole package, MINI is not a eco box car. Its a lifestyle. In some sence like RR.

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