Official JCW Brake Retrofit Kit PDF

Based on our story last Friday detailing the parts associated with the new JCW brake kit, we had a few questions about a potential official retrofit kit. As we reported last year MINI has been planning on selling the brakes set as an accessory in itself. And yes, that means there is an official PDF detailing the kit, the parts, special installation instructions, and the OEM wheels that will fit the kit. You can download it all below:

+ JCW Sport Brake Kit / Official MINI PDF

  • mlg2ca


    Any ideas for the cost ?

  • mike

    I was quoted $1999 not including installation.

    Does anyone know how to check if the aftermarket wheels I own will fit?

    I’m thinking if all else fails I’ll try my wheel on one of my buddies JCW but I’d rather not.

  • robble

    hmm.. the pdf isn’t very detailed.

    Summary – remove old brakes. Install new brakes. Update DME computer.

  • GregW

    So does the MINI John Cooper Works model already have these brakes fitted as OEM? If not why not?

  • ET

    Are they still selling this kit with asymmetrical rotors??? My wife got the JCW cross-drilled and slotted rotor option on her MINI in 2007 and come to find out, they were using the same rotor on both sides! It looks to me like they are still only supplying one part # for the rotor which indicates that the left and right rotors are the same… They need to reverse the slotted and cross-drilled pattern for the passenger side rotor in order for that rotor to be proper. We’ve been subject to ridicule because of our “backwards” rotor on the passenger side. I can’t believe this lack of “attention to detail”.

  • mike


  • RichV(magic08mini)

    What is the official “Rxx” number for the webspokes? I don’t think that this kit will fit, but I would like to know for sure. Thx.

  • nuvolari

    Any information from Mini on R50/53 compatibility?

    ET, I was also “disappointed” by the lameness of the JCW rotor “upgrade” on that front. Not the kind of thing you expect from BMW.

  • rkw

    Someone in the UK has fitted them on an R53 (LINK).

    1st problem – the brake hose connection is different. The R53 uses a Banjo fitting, this needs a screw-in connector. The edges of the splash guard are a bit too close to the mounting points to give clearance for the caliper. Some gentle taps to fold the edges over a bit more sorted this. Disk and caliper bolt up very easily with no alignment problems, but it proves impossible to mount either an R91 Bullet, R95 Spider Spoke, or R105 Double Spoke without the back of the spokes fouling on the caliper. The R95 is the worse, with the R91 getting closest to fitting. Putting a 5mm spacer between the wheel and hub bears this out, with the R105 just having clearance (but the caliper is scared…), while the R91 is a little better. Realistically though, it needs a 7-8mm spacer. Looks the Mutt’s nuts behind a black R105 though…
  • rkw

    Sorry, the blockquote somehow messed up (the preview worked right!). The 5 paragraphs after the link was supposed to be all together in one quote.

  • Ian F

    I wouldn’t expect the PDF to be very detailed. It’s not really intended to be a DIY. It referes to brake replacement references in the TIS, which itself assumes the service tech has a pretty high level of experience (I have an old copy of a BMS TIS CD).

    It looks nice… but as a $2000 add-on? Eh… I don’t think so… I’d need ot think about it and digest the cost of other aftermarket options.