Official MINI Cooper S Refresh Leaked

Earlier today we showed you a sneak peak at the 2011 Cooper, now it’s time to take a look at the Cooper S once again courtesy from our good friends at Bigblogg. We’ve already seen a few revealing spy photos of the car but these are the first official photos (leaked from a German magazine or German brochure) that show the car completely uncamouflaged.

In the previous post we saw Spice Orange (for the second time) and here we see the R57 Cooper S Convertible finished in Ice Blue.

As you might expect the front end seen here (on an R56) will be carried over completely to the Cooper S versions of the R55 Clubman and the R57 Convertible.

With this refresh comes new engines, new wheels, more steering feel, new colors (inside and out) and new packages. So far it’s a pretty compelling package in our eyes and definitely worth waiting for if you want a new MINI.

As has been mentioned many times over the past six months on MotoringFile, the 1.6L turbocharged powerplant at the heart of the Cooper S will thoroughly revised. Yes there’s more power, but lets focus on efficiency first. The R56 MCS will reach the similar if not the same mpg on the highway as the 122 hp Cooper thanks to the addition of Valvetronic. Not only does MPG go up but CO2 levels are only 3 grams off the Cooper (140 gm to 143) despite the turbo and the extra 60 hp. The MCS sees all the same updates that the Cooper gets but with the major addition of fully variable valve train (Valvetronic as BMW calls it) along with refinements of friction point throughout the engine. The result is an increase of around 10hp for approximately 182 hp (final US figures are forthcoming).

Valvetronic gives the Cooper S the ability to rev quicker, deliver more power yet achieve better miles per gallon. A win win by all accounts.

And that cold start issue on the R56 MCS? It’s eliminated with the new engine and the addition of Valvetronic.

You can see the entire list of engine specifications for all models of the 2011 Cooper S below. However keep in mind that these are European figures. US data has yet to be released.

The 2011 MINI will quite a few other small revisions such as xenon headlights that swivel with the steering and auto-dip passenger side mirror for parallel parking. We’ll be detailing more of the smaller changes soon however if you can’t wait you can find dozens of articles on many of the updates within the 2011 LCI section.

The new models will go on sale in September of 2010. Dealers and the online configurator should have information sometime in July or early August.

  • Minipuma

    Love that light blue. Will it be available on the hardtop?

  • Love that light blue. Will it be available on the hardtop?

    Likely not but we don’t know yet for sure.

  • the bum is nice, especially the lower section.

  • The rear tail lamps look to be simmilar to the new light bars used in ALL the new BMW’s now…they are dead sexy!!!

  • that.guy

    Do we finally get the black exterior trim option? Cuz it appears that we are going to need it…

  • Andrew

    Looks like yall were so excited to get this out you didn’t even spell you name right. MOTORIGNFILE?

  • Versus

    Is that photo showing the brake ducts a new color for the MCS or hot chocolate that looks off b/c of the photo itself?

    Thanks for the update, bring on the interior shots!

  • KPH

    Crossing my fingers that this light blue is available for the hatch’s. Was disappointed when Oxygen Blue went away. I notice the center stack appears unchanged. As stated before, I’m pro chrome, but the brake ducts should be invisible and not an appearance item. Looks tacked on and ’70s boy racer imho.

  • I notice the center stack appears unchanged.

    The non-navigation version (the one that garnered all the complaints) has been refined a little but the major changes are related to material quality and color. For a sneak peak look at the Countryman.

  • Hans

    Those LED fogs in the back?

  • r.burns

    Already reviewed (in Europe) the 184hp is not as good as the 175hp !!

    0-60 > +0,7 seconds

  • Alex S

    I love the new taillights but I’m not a big fan of the new fog lights…

  • I’ll stick with my R53 Thank You!!!

  • rkw
    Already reviewed (in Europe) the 184hp is not as good as the 175hp !! 0-60 > +0,7 seconds

    +0.7 seconds is huge for a 0-60 time, so much that something must be wrong.

    MINI’s official 0-62 time for the new engine is 7.0 sec. The official time for the old engine was 7.1 sec.

  • MM

    HUH? How can it be slower with +10 HP??? Did it gain 100 lbs?

    Hey Gabe. Can you PLEASE answer one question? Is the stage 1 JCW tuning still available???

  • HUH? How can it be slower with +10 HP??? Did it gain 100 lbs?

    The 2011 is .1 – .2 faster than the 2010 according to our sources. If someone got .7 slower there’s clearly some inconsistencies with the testing.

  • Jerry

    Need I say it? Ho hummmm………

  • Minipuma

    Some more interesting info about colors was posted at Big Blogg yesterday. They say that Hot Chocolate will be available on all models of as the refresh. (That was my suspicion after seeing the color shown on an R56 in the press release photo above, since one wouldn’t expect the Mayfair to necessarily be sold as a 2011 model, all things considered.)

    Spice Orange – not available for the R55 Eclipse Grey – replaces Dark Silver and for the time being is only for the Cooper S and JCW Ice Blue – (the light blue pictured above) – only available starting December 2010

    Colors going away: Nightfire Red, Dark Silver, Sparkling Silver (only discontinued on Cooper S variants), Interchange Yellow (which will disappear after December 2010).

    Also of course BRG is being replaced with BRG II.

    Please note that I relied on Google translate and Babelfish to translate this article from German so there might be errors. You can find the original article by following the link above to Big Blogg

  • Neeners

    Please help, all of you MINI owners out there. I am planning on ordering a 2011 MINI hardtop base model in August. I have always driven an automatic transmission. Want to try a stick shift. Part of me wants to play it “safe” and stick with what I know, but I wonder if I might be seriously letting myself down if I don’t buy a manual trans MINI and make myself learn how to drive it. Is it ridiculous to buy a car I don’t know how to drive? Or will it be worth the initial horror to learn to drive a stick for my beloved MINI?? If it will help in providing your advice: I am a control freak, sometimes nervous, but REALLY LOVE to drive. My husband can drive a stick, and test drove a 2010 MINI, while I tried the automatic version. (Hubby can teach me, but can be cranky) What are your thoughts?

  • I WANT WHITE!!!!!!!!

  • Neeners

    I’m a bit heartbroken that Nightfire Red is no longer available. I like the new Spice Orange color, but can’t help wondering what it will look like in 6-7 yrs. Think about what any old, dk-orange/copper car looks like now: doesn’t exactly scream: “I have to have a car that color!!!”

  • muse2me

    I want white or silver for Cooper S. Is is too much to ask?