MINI Connected iPhone App Launched in the US

The updated MINI Connected app that is required for the MINI Connected option is finally here. New features include the MINIMALISM Analyser, Google Local Search and GoogleSend to Car. Go grab it and start swiping and taping.

MINI Connected / iTunes

Additionally you can read our review of the option and the app here.

  • This version works on the iPad too.

  • B-

    I grabbed it but without a car it s not even worth looking at.

  • DanM

    Note: the app requires iOS4.2 so if you don’t have that you’ll need to upgrade/update before you can install the app.

  • ftttuhzbmcs

    I downloaded the app a few days ago for my iPhone 4 just to see what it did with my non-MINI Connected 2011 MCS hardtop. I got it to play the web radio and that’s it. I really wasn’t expecting it to do anything and I’m happy it does that. I’ll keep it on my phone just for the heck of it.

  • GMaster7

    Hoping that it’s not too long before an Android version, because I’d love to get this.

  • Agreed, GMaster7. Have the car on the way, paid for Connected, can’t wait to use it.

  • GMaster7

    Chris – If I get a MINI with Connected this month, even though I can’t use it, and Connected comes to Android, say, sometime next year, will I be able to use it when that happens? Or is this hardware somehow iPhone-only too? I imagine that I’d be okay to sync up whenever the Android app comes out, but I’m not sure.

  • So I noticed that the App doesn’t seem to remember where you were when you switch to another app. Does that mean that it will only work when I’m not using the iPhone for anything else?

    My Countryman got off the boat yesterday, hoping to see it in Portland soon.

  • TurboDave

    I have used the roadside assistance app a couple times and it worked great. once in napa and once in sf. very much lusting after the new mini countryman but thinking i will have to wait. sucks. and hey any mini fans in the bay area go to union square and check out the “cereal boxes” with mini’s inside – well worth it. very good. cheers,