MINI Beachcomber Concept “Too Dangerous” For Production

While the Beachcomber Concept will be on display at NAIAS in Detroit this year, sources say it’s not going to make it to production over safety concerns. Even though the design does utilize a hip-level side impact bar, additional side and top bracing would be necessary for the car to be deemed safe for the open road. Sources at MINI are saying that rather than compromise the open air experience of the Beachcomber aesthetic with a bunch of tacked-on reinforcements, they will simply pass on this particular MINI variant going into production. While this is disappointing, the practical concerns make sense and if nothing else, the Beachcomber Concept was a fun creative exercise for the MINI Design Team. Perhaps something similar will emerge in the future to carry on the Moke mojo.

  • MINIme

    I knew it! Very, very disappointing. I wonder if MINI would be willing to part with one of these prototypes?? Perhaps, sell it as a farm implement… Have them contact me. I am totally serious.

  • minipuma

    “What kind of farming are you doing, sir?”

    “I’m raising beach bunnies.”

  • man, would have been a cool dune buggy type ride

  • MatthewW

    I suspect by 01, June 2011 we’ll see a Countryman driving around with a lift kit, rally lights, sans all four doors. I did that in my Jeep long ago, and I have to say it’s the next best thing to a convertible.

  • Bor

    yeah, sounds like I’ll have to buy a used Countryman in a couple of years and do the conversion myself 🙂

  • jbkONE

    This argument doesn’t hold any water. If Jeep can sell a topless removable-door SUV, MINI can too.

  • MINIme

    There are no import 2-door convertible SUVs currently being imported to the U.S.A., to my knowledge. I believe the last one was the Land Rover Defender which was not imported after 1997 due to low sales numbers and the cost of fitting airbags.

    I think the Beachcomber could have taken off like the Suzuki Samurai did back in 1987.

    Bad decision MINI!

  • pbraun

    Figures. Just have to get me a real Mini “Moke” then.