MINIs on Top

MINI’s Viral Marketing has been undone by the lack of a tarp. This sad scene was captured by reader Mike Schiml today as the convoy west on I290 outside of Chicago. There’s no word on whether this was the result of a mechanical issue, lack of fuel or MINI simply needing to transport the two long distances. Our bet is on the latter. However one thing is clear. The message is a little less compelling in this configuration.

Unless of course this has now become an ad for a towing company. (another picture after the break)

  • lavardera

    Lets just hope they weren’t following the recommended oil change interval on their nationwide tour..

  • DrDiff

    OK maybe it was osmosis that brought the Lucas parts from the Classic to the Countryman!

  • The MINI up top seems to be a model. The windows are blacked out, that’s common on a model so that you cannot see the lack of interior. Who knows?

  • JonPD

    My belief is that more than likely the combo was meant for more or less static display and they are moving it to another place.

  • Pipe

    Would they need some type of special permit to drive that on the road? Could that be why it’s on a flatbed – lack of permit?

  • KPH

    Yeah, could easily just be in transport to another venue. Or someone in authority pointed out the Countryman is over grossed for weight and/or has exceeded the roof “rack” safety limits. Interstate travel might be asking for DOT trouble. Just another guess.

  • JonPD

    Any reason still this is a huge mistake and really counters the message I think. Still proves Mini is the top vehicle in this shot though lol.

  • Yeah i dont think its a “sad seen” (!!!!) at all. Note to MF: learn grammar.

    They are just moving it somewhere else. How/why would the vehicle DRIVE like that? It would tip and not be road legal. Also, it probably doesn’t fit in a standard car carrier (even a covered one).

  • Tommy

    Ohhh Come On… It’s obvious what this is… To compete in the marketplace, MINI is now offering this as a 3rd and 4th row seating option for the Countryman!

  • JonPD

    LOL Tommy, funniest thing I’ve read in a long while!

  • Aurel

    they should top it off with a Smart.

  • Butterbean

    the mini classic / countryman may be on the road but the countryman billboard in times square looks amazing at night:

    nothing like times square at night

  • Mike Schiml

    I’m feeling guilty! I did not take the shots, but had received them from a friend who passed this while driving today. Photo credit belongs to John Kittermaster.

  • goat

    i think it looks kinda cool on the flatbed… like Russian nesting dolls. 🙂

  • Alpinamike

    It’s transport, they did this for the MINI convertible in 2009, from auto show to auto show. They only had one convertible for the Whole east coast. Also they do this so nothing happens driving with. A classic on top.

    I hope the driver watches those low bridges in Chicago otherwise it will lose the classic hanging on.

    If I was bssp I would have kept a car cover over both , maybe saying “look who’s brought a friend” .

  • Fillip


    They probably wouldn’t want to top it with a smart, because one of their largest (if not the largest) dealer groups is also the distributor for smart in the US. I think it is safe to say that they’d burn some bridges with that one.

  • You could / should have mentioned the ORIGINAL MINIsOnTop! 😉