AC Schnitzer Releases the “Eagle” Concept

German car tuning house AC Schnitzer has built a super MINI based on the R56 JCW. Setting a lap time at Hockenheim Circuit of 1:13.341 minutes, the “Eagle” can turn the course faster than the BMW M3, Ferrari California, Mercedes-Benz CLK 63 AMG Black Series and the Porsche 911 Turbo and Carrera S models. It’s little wonder with power at 256hp, and weight is down to just 2,312 lbs. Thanks to a fully re-engineered exhaust system and tweaks to the engine management system, the 1.6L MINI Turbo engine is belting out well over 50hp more than the stock JCW. Custom suspension and 18″ wheels round out the performance package and aggressive styling of the car. Where the Eagle concept for sale, it’d cost you a spendy $88,667, but alas, it is not. Video, more photos and the full press release after the break.

Press Release: The fastest MINI comes from Aachen: the AC Schnitzer Eagle With a sensational lap time of 1:13.341 min., the new “AC Schnitzer Eagle” concept vehicle (based on John Cooper Works MINI) showed its competitors a clean pair of heels in a direct comparison around the Hockenheim Circuit.

In vehicle testing, one of the standard bases for assessment is the lap time on the world-famous Grand Prix Circuit in Hockenheim. The 260 HP AC Schnitzer Eagle has muscled its way into the big boys’ league of thoroughbred sports cars with a lap time of 1:13.341 min.

In a direct comparison, the AC Schnitzer Eagle was able to leave its class rivals well behind. Only the very big names with a far more engine power on board, such as the X-Bow, M3 Kompressor, Mercedes AMG and Caterham were able to beat the “little rocket” AC Schnitzer Eagle based on the John Cooper Works MINI. The successful principle behind the concept study (not for sale) is easy to explain: in the development of the AC Schnitzer Eagle, all areas of the vehicle were optimised by our technicians and engineers for “Efficient Performance”.

The power of the standard engine was increased from 155 kW/211 HP to 191 kW/260 HP and in parallel, the entire exhaust system was replaced. At the same time the vehicle weight was reduced by 80 kg, which means that the AC Schnitzer Eagle gains a perceptible bonus in terms of agility and driving pleasure. The height-adjustable racing suspension and AC Schnitzer alloys Mi2 in 18″ give the final touches both aesthetically and in driving dynamics.

The AC Schnitzer Eagle is a concept vehicle which was developed as a technology platform. Its value is € 62,000.00.

  • Anonymous

    Wheels look like 17s. Is the tire size larger?

  • JonPD

    Now that is deserving of a JCW label, much better than the cute jcw from MINI. Awesome job for sure

    • Volkan

      Regardless of whether one dislikes the exterior modifications of this car, this is exactly how JCW should set itself apart from a regular R56. I like the entire package.

    • Is disagree on looks alone. But then again it is a Schnitzer.

      But the performance sounds just about right.

      • JonPD

        Well not a huge fan of the looks, but something that spanks a M3 does get respect.

  • Aurel

    I don’t think something that spanks an M3 will ever come from inhouse at BMW. Not for MINI anyway.

  • Brian

    Don’t like the looks at all, but this is where a JCW should be in terms of performance.

  • that.guy

    “256hp, and weight is down to just 2,312 lbs”

    No that sounds just about right…

    BMW?  Hello?

    • JonPD

      Not ever going to happen, BMW is firmly shown for decades that bigger and heavier are better 😉

      I am sure that BMW would never greenlight something that would embarrass the bloated beasts these days wearing the BMW logo.

  • Anonymous

    $90 grand for a FWD vehicle (MINI or otherwise) is not an equation I readily accept. The Schnitzer “massage” is however praiseworthy for extracting power and reducing weight. Presumably Alpina and/or Hartge could achieve similar results in an aesthetically more pleasing package. For the money, think M5 or tweeked M3. Such over-the-top investment should have included a mid-engine/RWD configuration.

  • KPH

    Interesting that they did this without the aero kit. There’s a lot of remove and replace with carbon fiber too. BMW could take a bold step and choose the ‘remove’ path only, adding lightness without adding cost other than the hp increases and suspension upgrade. If the JCW remains the non-GP then I guess that’s where it stays and the tuner houses will continue to show what can (or should) be done performance wise. Ditto on the Schnitzer Stylin’ 

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