MINI’s Campaign for the Coupe Begins

The new MINI film you see above is a teaser for the launch of the new MINI Coupe and leads into a new MINI campaign; “Another Day. Another Adventure.” The film features driving scenes shot in Rio de Janeiro, Iceland and Hong Kong.

The reveal film, shot in the style of a movie trailer, previews three new MINI commercials set to air from September on. César Charlone, the Oscar-nominated cameraman behind “City of God”, gave the Rio spot a unique feel as you’ll see above.

Look for this campaign to mostly show up in international advertising starting this fall.

  • Alpinamike

    So this is PFPR advert, if so I thinks its pretty good. 

    Now to add a track shot during a race.

  • Wayne D.

    So, at about 0:30 a MINI plows into a Carnival troupe?

  • Saw my first Mini Coupe in Santa Barbara, CA… this week. Licensed with Jersey plates. Does that mean their are a fleet headed to dealerships now?