Rumor: MINI Developing Countryman “Prodrive Edition”

UK-based AutoCar has some spy shots of a particularly interesting MINI Countryman apparently in the hands of WRC specialists Prodrive. The rumored details are particularly interesting. It’s an All4, it’s got custom wheels and a hulking carbon fiber wing on the back. Under the hood, AutoCar’s sources are saying:

Performance upgrades include a Prodrive-branded Milltek exhaust and a Superchips-tuned version of the Cooper S’s turbocharged 1.6-litre petrol engine. Sources have indicated that the car had run 230bhp on the dyno, but Superchips is still hoping for even more power and a larger turbo was under consideration.

So what is it? Is it a one-off? Will this be a special edition available for sale? Details are still vague, but we’re actively reaching out to our sources for more information. No mention yet of suspension setup or whether the All4 system has been reprogrammed for a more performance-oriented focus. But let’s clarify a couple of things we do know. This is not the JCW Countryman. That’s a separate animal all together. In fact, this may simply be an aftermarket kit Prodrive would offer through UK MINI Specialists, similar to what they have done for Suburu, among others.

Generally, these special editions are produced in small numbers and restricted to UK markets, so we might not see the final car here in The States, if it ever saw production at all.

More photos over at

  • I think I’d be happy with doubling the horsepower and doubling the drive wheels on my Cooper Countryman. 🙂

  • Eimr

    That would look nice with my GP and wife’s Countryman, but I hope it’s bolt on, so I can just upgrade the wife’s car.

  • jeff

    has it been confirmed that this isn’t just the MINI WRC team’s recce car?

    • R Burns

      YOU ARE RIGHT… 😉

  • MiniOneSam

    I took the 4 photos featured in Autocar 🙂 I can confirm that the car was fitted with Ohlins suspension too.

    • Cool. Thanks for chiming in!

      • MiniOneSam

        No worries 🙂 I noticed how the article mentioned that no-one had spoken of the suspension. The pictures I took were terrible of the suspension, hence I never sent them over – although I did tell Autocar that they were fitted with Ohlins. I only ever took them as personal reference and to put on Mini Torque, but then thought I’d send them off!

  • Billy

    Yup that is an Oxford registered car – and the Prodrive building 🙂

    • MiniOneSam

      Wrong – it’s Superchips’ HQ in Buckingham 🙂

    • MiniOneSam

       But it IS an Oxford registered car.

  • j

    I wouldn’t be surprised if they did may one….they used to do the same for Subaru

  • Porthos

    Standing by for either fail or sexy time!

  • Dr Obnxs

    “Win on Sunday. Sell on Monday.” MINI would be stupid if they didn’t leaverage the Prodrive success into a world car that they could sell like crazy. But then I’m biased. I think this type of car would be a good idea, and custom stitching and stickers are a waste of time.

  • moog punk

    here we go baby, this is what i was waiting to replace my r53 with

  • Anonymous

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  • Guest

    The line being given by Prodrive during tours of their facilities is that this is the personal car of of one of the most senior guys at Prodrive, created as a special just for him.