Meeke: “Next year, we chase the title”

It’s no understatement that the MINI WRC team is racing strong this year. Even though drivers Dani Sordo and Kris Meeke are only running about half of this year’s rally schedule of 13 races, they’ve already managed two podium finishes and and a 4th/5th finish in their latest race, the Rally of Spain. After the race, Meeke had this to say:

After 40 kilometres [25 miles] we were only four seconds off the top speed. Now we know we’ve got a fast car on our hands. Next year we’ll be competing for the championship title.

For a team just getting off the ground, in an incredibly challenging racing series like WRC, MINI’s successes so far are nothing short of phenomenal. It’s a testament not only to MINI’s racing heritage, but MINI’s commitment to taking their entry into the WRC very, very seriously. By partnering with Prodrive, MINI isn’t just dabbling with racing for the sake of marketing. They’re out to win. Kris Meeke thinks they can chase down the WRC title next year, and if these early showings are any indication, I believe him.

[Source:MINI Space]
  • that.guy

    Well done.  Good show.  Etc.

  • JonPD

    Do have to chuckle.

    What did I expect a race driver to say. Next year we will try competing for last place. Sorry but stories like this and the prior MINI races for the podium are a bit silly because think that’s obvious lol

    • Actually it’s not. They had originally planned on being Competitive for the championship in year 3. This is an interesting shift from the team based on how fast they’ve been almost immediately.

      • JonPD

        Could be the last place finisher in a race and they all have designs on winning sooner than later. Think its a genetic trait of a race driver. Not sure why any of us would be suprised. Pro-drive is hands down the best WRC tuner and think they could make a little red wagon competitive.

        • This isn’t a racer talking but the team management through a driver.

  • The comments of the announcers on the rally radio live always kick up a notch when they are talking about the MINI and the drivers- I see them as real spoilers this year making teams sweat- love it.  They were out this year to learn the car- not really planning to win races- the finishes are a real bonus- and to compare look at some of the rallys and Ken Block is almost always behind the MINI’s.   I do believe they will be in the hunt- I also believe we be seeing more MINI’s in the races too. The fan base is great and the car is great fun to watch- even when rolling over- very well built.

  • Dr Obnxs

    Everyone had new cars this year because of all the rule changes. It’s good to see MINI doing as well as they have, but everyone will be better next year too. Just the nature of the beast. All the manufacturers who are serious will learn how to get more from thier cars within the envelope that the rules allow.

    It may well be that the MINI team is elevating thier ambitions based on thier performance this year, if so that would be great! I’m sure we all wish them well. But JonPDs points about racers never saying “next race we plan to suck” are very, very true as well.

  • j

    Pro-drive is the best for sure….I’m interested to see what will happen with the drivers next year: Latvala, Ogier, Meeke, and Sordo.