MINI USA to Introduce Recaro Seats as an Option

After years of US MINI fans asking for them, MINI USA has finally made the business case work and will be bringing a Recaro seat option to the US. The seats will be available on the R55 Clubman, R56 Hatch, R58 Coupe and R59 Roadster (i.e. not the Countryman or Convertible). The seats will come only in one configuration; heated finished in black Dinamica and Leather.

Now let’s talk pricing. (more pics after the break)

The Recaro Seats (known as option 4FA) will retail for $3,000 on Cooper models and $2750 on MCS and JCWs. Again that includes the price of the heated seat as well. The option will be available starting with March 2012 builds.

  • JonPD

    At long last, will be making an appearance soon in my new R58. I would bet this means the new Coupe accessory line will be available at the same time. Thanks Gabe for the best news of the day!

  • Brian

    That’s my next car! I’m volunteering to write my first reader review when I get it.


    Those look HOT!!!

  • Brian

    Could we get higher res images of both pictures please?

  • RB

    Talk about jacked up pricing. Nice seats though and why so long in coming? How much can it be to add a sensor, but then I like eggs!

  • Anonymous

    Hmm I wonder if Canada will allow it!!  Remember, Canada said no to the GP…. :(!  Does this mean I should wait to order my Coupe??

    • Beken

      They were on the JCW Coupe I saw at MINI Yaletown in Vancouver yesterday.  So I suspect they are already in Canada. 

      • Anonymous

        Ken you are always in the know!

        I like these more than the Recaro’s that are available in the UK, a little more subtle, if there is such a thing for Recaro seats

  • Smyers

    Any chance of a retrofit or stand alone order, those are just what my WC50 needs to, you know, be cooler and stuff…….

  • Trevor

    Wonder why they can’t be ordered in the cabrio?

  • Ruben

    Could someone please enlighten me about what Dinamica is?

    • @Ruben: Dinamica is the official MINI term for Alcantara (suede) upholstery.

      • Actually, Dinamica is a different material entirely, although it is similar in appearance and texture to Alcantara. The good thing is that it appears to wear better than the rather fragile Alcantara does.

  • Volker

    The price seems reasonable (if $3000 is the pair) for a eleCtrical adjustment see with heating. Dang, the Recaro CS is at least $1350 per piece, I think in the leather version a little more, does not have heating, not electric and you still have to pay for the mounting hardware. Wonder if these have seat airbags ? I think I wait with Recaros for my R53 till someone figures out how easy they can be adopted for the R53 .

  • Anonymous

    Dinamica is a synthetic suede like alcantara. I sure hope it’s more durable than alcantara, which is not durable at all. OEM seats are normally interchangeable between S and Cooper models, so why $250 more for the Cooper?

    • Anonymous

      Because the S already comes with Sport seats which cost more than the standard seats in the cooper.

    • MINImofo

      Think about it, your not paying for neither the standard seat nor the sport seat when getting the Recaro upgrade. The price is already incorporated into the base price. Your paying for the same exact thing. No more, no less. I wouldn’t pay the extra $250 if I was to get a Justa…..

  • Anonymous
    • Its the same RECARO thats in the Audi S4 and VW GTI R in Europe … just with a different headrest.

  • that.guy

    These will be standard on the JCW Countryman.  And it will be powered by an N20 at 300+hp. And will ride on a revised suspension that drops the car 50+mm. All at an MSRP of $24,999.

    • MINImofo

      Sign me up…lol

      • that.guy

        Get in line, buddy. 🙂

        • MINImofo

          Ok, waiting…..

  • indimini

    MINI just keeps coming up with more and more reasons to get me out of my R52 and into the new roadster.

  • j

    Wow…this is great news

  • Damn. Damn. I was just telling myself that the new MINIs would not seduce me into trading my R56! I was happy with my R56. New wheels. New Michelins. Man. I was happy until you posted this. Damn. 

  • Anonymous

    electric adjustment?  You can clearly see the height lever and bar for forward/back adjustments..??

    • I don’t think they are in all likelihood but our source claimed it so.

  • Now I know what I want for Christmas!

  • Anonymous

    Are matching rear seats included for the hatchback and Clubman? The R56 JCW Recaros in Europe do not have matching rear seats (none available).

    • Anonymous


      • Anonymous

        If that’s the case, there should be a lower price for the R58 coupe than the hatchback and Clubman.

        • Anonymous

          the is no discount on leather seats on the coupe as it is already.

  • Bob Lavoie

      Wish i had had a crystal ball telling me that those Recaro seats would finally be available as an option here in the US. I took delivery on my spice orange JCW Coupe just over 2 weeks ago (had ordered it back in July).    I would have waited a bit longer & included them in my order. But to make an expensive change to add them now (even if that was possible) just wouldn’t do it for me. Bummer! But otherwise…am really enjoying my JCW Coupe. Had traded my ’08 MCS hatch which also was a great ride.  

    • JonPD

      I hear that Bob, after just spending the money to get the lounge leather I would have to agree.

  • Jollyrogers33

    I’d like to get them in my ’10 BRG S.  I could swap them out in a second.

  • b-

    Awesome! I will have to order these in my R58 when I am ready to order!

  • Greg_bem

    The are already available for the R55-56 in Europe from production December 2011 for the price of 2790€ excluding the heated seats, leather steering and seat adjustment that is obligatory… For the R58 it would be probably in March 2012 starting in the R59 also… 😉

  • goat

    Best news to come from MINI in a long time, IMO. Now here is to hoping they don’t ruin these seats by mounting them 4″ off the floor like most OEM’s are wont to do when offer a proper sport seat. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Any news about whether they will come to Canada?  I will delay ordering my Coupe just for these!

  • Does the price not differ on the Coupe? As you’re not getting a back seat

  • Zipity98

    They look great, only wish they offered a colored bolster or something to break up the black.  On the fence between these or the Sport seat with Leather bolsters. The price of $2750 includes the heated seats and same seat covers in the rear, but will it include anything additional?  Such as an upgraded color line or other interior items?

  • BilboBaggins

    Nicely done, Gabe.  Good to see that we are finally going to get them.

    • Designmsd

      Hey, does anyone have any idea (images) of what the back seats are like in the S hardtop if you order Recaro fronts? Will they be black leather and Dynamica?

  • Sucks they dont come in the Countryman … these would be awesome in the new JCW. Im guessing its because the countryman would need (4) of them since no rear bench seat.