Video: NYC Coupé Test Drive

A very fun driving video from MINI USA showing off the new Coupé in the cityscape of NYC. Big thanks to db for pointing it out over on You’re all reading db’s blog, right? RIGHT?

  • Dodgy

    Thanks for sharing!  During the LA Auto Show I saw them filming with a couple of what I think were JCW’s and a very unrealistic looking ramp in downtown LA.  Anyone spotted that video anywhere?  Looked like it might end up using some fun CGI to make the ramp look real.

    • Anonymous

      I saw the video you are referring to just a short while ago here on motoringfile.  It was the contest winner of “the best test drive ever” contest”.

      Why did it get pulled?

      • Dodgy

        Awesome–thanks, robblef.  A quick youtube search found it. 🙂

  • MINI really needs to cut the crap with these BS cars=fashion videos. What the hell do I want to see some guy getting a haircut and a tux fitted when im watching a car video for? Bring back the BMW films and have them for MINI. Those were REAL car videos.

    • Ulrich Diederich

      It’s called lifestyle advertising and it’s aimed squarely at the heart of the Mini demographics. 95% of Mini owners don’t care about heel and toeing, hitting the redline or the apex, etc. Shame, but there it is. Kudos to Mini for at least having a manual in the car.

  • Anonymous

    Where did the other video go with the contest winner?

    The one where he jumped the giant ramp, landed on the slats flats doing 150mph and slalomed around the parachute guys while eating sushi with a hot stewardess?