MINI Paceman Re-named as the Countryman Coupe

We’ve known for awhile that MIIN was looking to re-name the Paceman but until now we’ve not hear anything specific about the name. We theorized that MINI could go with something as simple as the Countryman Coupe but had no definitive source to back it up. However the folks at Car and Driver do as they recently heard from a source at MINI that the Paceman will indeed be renamed the Countryman Coupe. It makes perfect logical German sense to us. But we want to hear your thoughts? Should MINI have been more adventurous with the name or does the Countryman Coupe sound right to you?

What to Expect and When to Expect it

The MINI Paceman is coming and it’s going to hit dealer lots late this year or early next depending on the market. That is according to our sources we have also spilled some details on the model mix and AWD offerings for the car.

Production is intended to start in November 2012 and run though late 2018. However what’s interesting is that MINI is planning on launching the car Cooper All4 trim to go along with the standard model mix. That would give the Paceman the following line-up

  • Cooper
  • Cooper All4
  • Cooper D
  • Cooper D All4
  • Cooper S
  • Cooper S All4
  • Cooper SD
  • Cooper SD All4

In addition to this we also expect MINI to release a full factory JCW Paceman with the revamped variable valve timed N18 JCW engine with 218 hp.

Then there are the rumors of a MINI hybrid which we believe will manifest itself in the Countryman and Paceman models sometime after 2012.

The Paceman’s styling will also be revamped from last year’s concept vehicle. However the rumors revised headlights strike us as odd given the costs that go into the tooling of such a change (especially considering the cost of borrowing the Countryman’s is zero). However the rumor is that the Paceman will lose the Countryman derived headlights and in their place headlights that are pushed further in-ward similar to the Rocketman concept that previews the 3rd generation MINI.

Perhaps the biggest change to the concept will be the addition of two rear-hinged club-doors that make the R61 a true five door similar to the Countryman. Inside space will be almost identical to the Countryman with the exception of the rear cargo area height.

Look official unveiling this fall.

  • hfred

    I’m interested in what they will do with those headlights. For me, the Countryman’s alien-bug headlamp look and frowning grill do not harmonize with the MINI design language.

  • Tan Cruz 85

    I can’t wait for the MINI John Cooper Works Countryman Coupe :-p

  • Jay

    I’ll take a MINI Cooper S Countryman Coupe John Cooper Works please.

    out of breath

    • that.guy

      Jay, take a deep breath and go test drive a Golf R.  

  • that.guy

    “Perhaps the biggest change to the concept will be the addition of two rear-hinged club-doors that make the R61 a true five door similar to the Countryman. Inside space will be almost identical to the Countryman with the exception of the rear cargo area height.”

    Makes total sense to tap into the huge market of would-be Countryman buyers who want more restricted access to the rear seats and less cargo height. There have got to be at least 8 or 9 such people across the global markets that MINI plays in.  Brilliant.

    • JbkONE

       There are people who don’t need/want 4 doors.  The 2 door Expedition sold, not as well as the 4 door.  There are people who like the form-factor of a 2-door better – self included (but I’ll likely never be in the market for a crossover).  To some people, it’s not all about access and cargo height – if it were, an 8-door Econoline would be in everyone’s driveway.

      I think this is great!  Take a Countryman, make it a 2+ door, sell more.  What’s not to like about a cheap extra model?  They need to make a 2-door Clubman Ute (or whatever) truck.

    • Worked for the X6.

    • hfred

      A true niche market.

    • John

      I know right!  MINI doesn’t know squat about selling record numbers of cars or anything!  What are they thinking!  I mean nobody bought that silly R56 with it’s lack of rear seat/boot space!

  • Mathew

    I just don’t understand the brand rationale behind the Countryman Coupe.  From a parts amortization standpoint, I understand the business argument, but really?

    If someone wants a two door MINI won’t they just get a hardtop, hardtop convertible, roadster or coupe?  Unless they’re going to get rid of the Clubman, what’s the point? 

    • Personally, I’m more excited about this car than anything MINI’s done since the R53. It’s the attitude of a two-door with the practicality of the four. Add to that MINI’s stellar All4 system and I think it’s a winner. I’m also pretty hopeful that it’ll look really, really good.

      • Anonymous

        It’s a strange blend. I think if you want 2 doors with some practicality that’s what the HB is all about. If you want a pure 2 door car, then it’ll be Coupe or Roadster. If you want a bit more size, then the Countryman will meet that need. Having a jumbo-sized 2-door MINI, is very non-mini.

        I like the looks of the Coutryman Coupe but not as much as the R53/R56 generation.

        • VanMINI

          It’s not “JUMBO sized”

        • Anonymous

          Looks jumbo to me, but from a 6×4 photo with nothing to reference it against, it’s not possible to get a perspective on the size

        • Flatlander_48

          Would you call the original Countryman Jumbo?

    • Warrencheswick

      Completely agree. Don’t see why they need both this and the clubman.  Like is there someone who would not buy one of the clubman, hardtop or countryman but another car who is swayed to go for a countryman coupe?

    • Cinimin

      A W D is the point.  Lots of us live and drive in situations (ice, snow) where A W D  is a big benefit – and when the chains required signs go up we can ignore them because A W D meets the requirement. 

      • Mathew

        So you’re saying the Countryman Coupe is for the person who wants a sportier AWD car than the 4door Countryman when the 4door is in WRC?

        Is there not enough room in the Hardtop to put in the All4 system?  Maybe couple it with the GP drivetrain and compete with the old Golf R32 or Audi S1.

        • Cinimin

          If you think there is anything in common between the WRC Countrymans and the ones you can buy at the dealer besides the name you are very sadly misinformed.  Yes, there are people out here in the real world who have and enjoy the MINI Countryman but who would also be interested in a more sporting version.

        • John

          THANK YOU for bringing common sense to the thread!  I love the WRC CM and if I could buy one I would in a heartbeat.  Heck if I could buy a JCW CM and mod it enough to look like the Prodrive car I would in a heartbeat even if I could only end up with 220 HP. The CM as it stands is nothing like the WRC car other than the exterior and that’s only in part.  The CM and the CM Coupe have a market.  The CM proves this.  

          I’m willing to bet that in the future the MINI WRC car will in fact be a CM Coupe.  That is if BMW will fund the darn thing!

        • Hoover

          I think that is a safe bet 🙂

      • Bernie

        Only if you have proper tires for winter.

        • Cinimin

          Of course – but all seasons qualify.   

        • Bernie

          Not all AS will qualify.  Awd by itself does not qualify. Also, you do not get to choose what highway signs to ignore, what a crock of BS. The highway patrol officer at the checkpoint decides what you get to do.

  • Christy Gibson

    I have an R53 that I love.  Unfortunately, I am not allowed to tie the kids to a luggage rack, so I need to move up to something with a few more inches of leg space.  My two year old is already giving me whiplash by kicking the back of my seat.  I just prefer the look of the Countryman Coupe to the Countryman.  And to me, loading kids with the club door swinging out to the back is much easier than a four door, assuming they move that pesky b pillar similar to the Clubman.

    Now why the Countryman Coupe over the Clubman?  When I spec out both with as close to identical features as I can, the Countryman comes out cheaper and probably won’t require me to add a roof rack that I am too short to reach.  And something about the Countryman Coupe just looks meaner out of the box.

    One day I will move back to a hatch, but in the meantime, I will just have to settle for this if I want to take the whole family to the Dragon in one vehicle..


    Official unveiling in Detroit 2013? After the car has already been produced?

  • RakSiam

    where can I get that color?

  • Anonymous

    Personally… I’ll wait to see if the new GP is something I might buy.

  • MPJG

    What does this mean?  “Finally look for a name change to the Paceman in time for it’s official unveiling this fall.”

    I thought the new name is Countryman Coupe, as shown in the title of this article. Why would they change the name back to Paceman in the fall?

    • It means that the name change isn’t confirmed yet, and to look for that confirmation later this year. 

  • Flatlander_48

    Plus and Minus…

    Plus: I like the nose better than the original Countryman. Looks a bit cleaner; more pulled together. The original Countryman nose has too many lines and shapes.

    Minus: It’s as large as the original Countryman. If the intent was to replace the Clubman with this car, that doesn’t work for me.

  • Lemelou

    I dont think this is meant as a relacement of the Clubman guys. It’s really something to appeal to fa… Err, bigger boned Americans. Kind of the fun of a ha top, with the CM size and cargo.

    Any idea if there’s a weight loss to help the undermotorised JCW CM Coupe?

    • Bjorn

      “I dont think this is meant as a relacement of the Clubman guys. It’s really something to appeal to fa… Err, bigger boned Americans.”

      That is the most moronic post here yet!  Do you really think this car will fit fatter people better than the clubman, or any other MINI out there?  It won’t is the answer!  Because this sits a bit higher than a clubman?  Has anyone seen any specs stating it’s any longer?  The CM’s parked in the dealer lot in my town don’t look much longer than the clubmans parked next to it.  I’d buy a CM or a CM coupe anyday over the boring ass driving miss daisy clubman and I’m 6’2″ and 220 lbs.  Farrrr from fa.. Err, bigger boned!  Idiot!

      • That will be the end of the name calling. You’ve been warned. 

      • Lemelou

        hugs John

  • John

    I prefer the Paceman!  It’s a CM coupe I know but Paceman just seems to fit the mold.  Regardless, turn this sucker into the new WRC car (Prodrive produced preferably) and oo la la!  Bad as hell!

  • Bob Hayhurst

    It’s interesting that there is discussion about revision of the headlight/front end styling. It seems that this is one of the more contentious concerns about this vehicle and one which IMO probally would go the farthest to take some of the “alien bug” look away from the CM coupe.

    I like the clean roofline and sides but will wait to see it in life to get a sense of size and proportionI think the vehicle will present better in life then just from the pictures I’ve seen but for that we’ll have to be patient.

    Calling it the CM coupe is smart. It aligns the vehicle with MINI’s almost best selling vehicle (Countryman) and sounds better then paceman at least in my opinion. I think this will look great in pure red with a white roof… oh, and a huge wing, JCW trim, 220 +hp motor and All4.

  • veggivet

    Will this model have the same measurements (total length, wheelbase, height) as the current Countryman? 

    • within an inch or two.

      • Anonymous

        See it is a “jumbo” MINI. Too big IMO, to be called a MINI.

        • If anything, the Countryman Coupe will probably be smaller than the 4-door by those couple inches.

        • Lemelou

          We can expect a slightly lower weight also, perhaps enhancing the handling versus the CM. Can’t wait to hear impressions of the first drives. 

        • veggivet

          Fingers crossed….though I don’t think the weight differential will amount to much; maybe one M.I.L.E. (Mother-in-law equivalent). My hopes are on a shorter wheelbase.

        • Lemelou

          Lol. I’l definitely reuse that 🙂

          Dont you Think it would mean a new chassis?

        • veggivet

          Yup, so it probably will be exact same wheelbase/width dimensions.

        • Anonymous

          Find more people willing to buy smaller cars that are impractical for 90% of the population and MINI may be able to stay in business…. oh wait that was decided long ago as not possible and why the, as you say jumbo MINI, (still smaller than a Golf) is floating the brand and then some. I think the smart people in Munich are making the right decisions and thus the brand is staying on. BMW is being forced to go front wheel drive to make MINI more profitable need I say more. 

  • otter

    I am glad to see that this thread is about more substantial issues than the name; however, for the sake of argument, in my opinion, the name Countryman Coup is just awful.  I guess it beats Lil-Buck-A -Roo, but not by much.

  • jeff

    great to see more information about this guy.  has there been any indication on the pricing vs the countryman?  if there’s one thing i could change on my clubman it would be the lack of a suicide door on the driver’s side.  i’m excited to see production versions of this and the clubman 2 to see how they compare.

    i feel it’s also worth mentioning that i’d do bad things to good people to get this color available on production models.

    • i feel it’s also worth mentioning that i’d do bad things to good people to get this color available on production models.

      And I would help you.

  • Frank Granados

    The bastardization of the brand is complete!

    • HERR26

      I would say that MINI is more a victim of its success. If you take the global perspective , the best selling MINI is the….(drumroll) Countryman. And that was conceived in response to a more flexible concept as well as all-wheel-drive.

      MINI is in fact viewed by others in the industry as a brand to be envious about. And why not? MINI has survived the “trend” in which fashions change but MINI as a brand has just evolved and where we are now is purely by customer demand. MINI is the perfect brand in terms of product , lifestyle , demographic and marketing. MINI continues to propell itself whilst others falter.

      Where the MINI brand goes next is of course with the synergy between the BMW UKL strategy, This is not the VW UP! , Skoda Citigo or SEAT Mii. Different looks , different market , different characteristics , different levels of premium. Individual in every way.

      MINI will also fall in line with the rest of BMW in regards to a more straightforward emphasis on JCW to give MINI a sort of alignment with BMW M. Not an M tuned model, But a similar concept allowing for more Individual Performance Concepts such as a MINI GP to head each model. But never let it hit the stratosphere of premium pricing as Audi’s A1 Quattro. Which judging by the reviews is another “average” Audi with a questionable pricing strategy.

      In the industry it is well known that VAG are looking for their MINI – A purely desirable lifestyle brand. And at Geneva with the Ducati rumours abound , some have even suggested that Ducati could branch out to cars under VW to give MINI a direct competitor.

      The best comparison between the Countryman and Coupe is BMW’s own X5 and X6. No matter what you think of the X6 – That car is huge for BMW , especially in emerging markets over traditional markets. That is why you will see a new BMW X4 – Same concept but downsized to become more accessible.

      The Countryman Coupe offers a more flexible but sportier MINI Concept. Think of it as the MINI Evoque. Stylish , functional and desireable. Having seen the car in its final form. My opinion is that it is an “Irresistable Gimmick” For MINI it is a perfect concept of a lifestyle orientated premium vehicle. It is still very much a MINI and the proportions reflect this , it is very compact but with presence , it is slightly wider than the Countryman helped by the massaging of the wheel arches to make it wider and taut.  The flexibility on offer just embodies the uniqueness about MINI – Different but highly desirable.  This car will be MINI’s next success story.  

      • jason

        Is there any word on getting a Beachcomber edition in the future?  

        • JbkONE

           Now THAT’s something I might “do bad things to good people” to get 🙂

        • Lemelou

          I recall it was announced the Beachcomber concept wouldn’t see the light of day over security concerns.  As the drawings stand, at least.  It could see a few good tweaks here and there that would make it safer tho.  

          I think the new addition to the line will probably be SUV FJesque based on the CM might be already be in the books. Unless the platform can’t hold it?

  • Anonymous

    I parked my Clubman next to a Countryman last week and was amazed how much bigger the Countryman was, and it has this “over-inflated” look to it.  And the black trim on the wheel wells is enormous.

    I do think the Paceman/CM Coupe is much better looking; however, and resembles the Rover Evoque.

    • veggivet

      The Paceman/CM Coupe will have much better rear visibility that the Evoque. 

    • Bernie

      I parked my 2006 Subaru Forester next to a Countryman and I was amazed at how close in size they are.

  • Aurel

     I am looking forward to this as well. Will the next generation Clubman still survive and see the light of day? I think that will be the best looking car in the lineup IF the details I read about it are true (2 rear opening door, more of a shooting brake look) … I tried the CM on for size last week again with the wife and kid and it really is only marginally larger interior wise over my current Clubman. Really want to stay in the MINI family but my options are not looking good …

    • Will the next generation Clubman still survive and see the light of day?

      Our sources say yes. The latest word around the campfire is that the next generation Clubman will be sized off the F56 hardtop much like today, with a club door on each side, but likely take a more aggressive shape reminiscent of the classic “shooting brake.”

      And if the F56 does bring the All4 system down to the hardtop-sized MINIs (which it’s rumored it might), then the real difference between the two tiers of MINIs will really revolve around passenger needs. Want a sporty, wagon-esque MINI? You could go Countryman Coupe or Clubman. The big question just becomes do you want to haul one passenger in comfort, or three? Then you buy accordingly.

      • Anonymous

        I’ve always called my Clubman a “sport wagon”; and my CA registration designates it as “SW”, which I think means “station wagon”.

        Can you direct me to any articles describing the “more aggressive shape of the classic “shooting brake”?

      • Frank Granados

        This is good news. I am a big fan of the Clubman and vastly prefer it over the CM.

      • Aurel

        that would be great news … it would also probably have the F56’s all new interior which is a plus I think. this CM Coupe (it will forever be Paceman for me though) will share a dash with the CM I presume?!

        • We’ve reported this news several times in the past year. Check the r55 section for more

        • veggivet

          Unfortunately, yes…

  • Cor

    Its all pointless as the countryman design is ugly,Drop it and all wheel drive the Clubman and put the split drs on the left side for the UK market aswell

  • Mowog

    And now for something completely different:

  • MINIme

    2 Things:

    1.  Where is the Beachcomber??? 2.  The gold accents on the wheels and body made me throw up in my mouth a little.