Breaking: MINI to Introduce JCW GP in Coupe Form?

While MINI is putting the finishing touches on the R56 based GP set to be released at MINI United this May, we’ve now confirmed that there are plans for a second Coupe based GP the following year. We’ve known about the existence of the Coupe GP for some time but until today, there was no visual confirmation. Car and Driver has just published spy photos which not only confirm the car but also show that it’s being developed alongside the R56 version to be released later this year.

Our expectation (based on sources and a solid hunch) is that the Coupe GP will be released sometime during the 2013 calendar year and will feature the same up-rated engine and JCW suspension found on the R56 version. Differences? We could see the Coupe feature the fixed wing from the JCW accessories which may allow the car to lose a few additional pounds.

We expect the Coupe to be revealed late this year or early next. In the meantime watch for our coverage of the R56 GP unveiling at MINI United May 11th.

  • Robert Ballard


  • Brian


  • John

    Hell Yes!!!! No doubt drive the R56 crowd haters mad but hell yes!!!

  • Much better!

  • Versus


  • b-

    Perfect, hopefully this second round of GP cars will be 90% performance upgrades and 10% looks!  All MINIs already have brake ducts and now all the JCW cars have the Aero kit, so some special paint and a bunch of suspension work and tuning please!

  • lavardera

    Car and Driver says that the GP1 had no air conditioning. I’ve never heard that before?

    • Brendon

      that was true, it was one of the few options you could have chosen. With air or W/O air. My lease is up next year, i was going to get a BMW but hearing this i may stay in the mini family 

      • lavardera

        Well, I’ve never heard of one ordered without AC. there must be a few out there.

        • JonPD

          Only an option outside of the US, know a couple of GP buyers in Europe that choose this.  

  • Chris Underwood

    Speaking for the “R56 crowd” (although I own an R55) the coupe will still be ugly in GP trim, though at least when talking GPs no one can make the argument that you’re losing out on a back seat for no real gain… 

    The sales numbers suggest the masses agree.  Unless they keep GP coupe production very low I suspect there will be some good deals to be had on them in the latter half of the model year – it’ll be one of those “special editions” that makes up half of the year’s production.

  • JonPD

    Should be fun, lets hope that MINI does more than just replicate the structure of the GP2 into it though. The Coupe is crying out to have it turned up. As a JCW Coupe owner I have a lot of hope that this will bring the Coupe into fighting form.

  • les

    I get the feeling that there is a sub-brand coming with the letters GP in it. That’s just me.

    I test drove a 2012 328i earlier this week, and the 2.0L would be a great engine to drop in the MINI. It would be scary fast.

    • Mark Smith

      Get ready for Anchor Heavy front end understeer with this engine though. Too big!!!

    • chad

      i’ll second that sub brand comment. should be a countryman and countryman coupe on the way in GP form. i do not want to rehash previous discussions, but if we can expect a GP for each model, i am not sure where this leaves JCW. maybe it will be likened to m-sport? maybe that is what it already is.

      • That is exactly what is happening. Stay tuned.

        • BimmerFile_Michael

          Funny isn’t it… How some people just don’t get what goes on with our banter 🙂 

        • Wait, so you guys are saying that JCW isn’t currently exactly like BMW’s M division? Is this perhaps why there aren’t any 250+hp MINIs? The world makes sense again! 

        • Think of JCW as MINI’s M Performance line of cars or like Audi’s S models. The JCW GP line of cars would be MINI’s M-like product offering (or Audi’s RS models).

        • Hatether56

          If they don’t make this lighter than the regular GPcoupe then it’s still slower. This thing is gonna be pricey. Buy a base Cayman instead folks.

        • Yeah we’ve referenced it a lot over the past two months. Time to spill all we know I think 😉

        • Versus

          Is this going to require a GP-cast?  I vote yes. 

        • chad

          easy enough to put together the big picture with comments on the site and WRR. but, it’s the details that will be most interesting…please share!

        • chad

          one other thing- i’d like to say that this is quite exciting- the possibility of another line/level of MINI cars. i mean, this is a big deal.

        • Hoover

          I guess Todd needs to make his deposit on a GP Roadster now…

  • that.guy

    needs moar low