MINIUSA’s GP Ordering Line is Open… If You’re a Current GP Owner

MINI has officially flipped the switch on the toll-free reservation line for the 2013 MINI JCW GP. However the catch is you have to be a GP owner to qualify. So if you have a GP in the garage and you’re ready to plunk down $1,000 to reserve a new GP just call 1.800…. oh right. Probably shouldn’t mention that.

Well if you’re a GP owner you should have received a letter telling you what to do. If you’re not a current GP owner check MotoringFile a little closer to November 15th when the reservations line is opened to the general public. And for the record, here’s a portion of the letter sent out to GP owners.

  • John

    Wish I were ordering one, however that is a beautiful shot of the GP on this article.

  • John

    Wish I was was rich enough to order one just do I could take the rear diffuser and front under panel off and put them on my JCW Coupé! Then just sell the remains of the GP.

    • Edge

      John… wouldn’t you want to swap out the 6-pot brakes too?

      • Kurtster

        Looks like the brakes on the GP are overkill to me. Are the JCW brakes really not sufficient under hard-driving track conditions? They’re already huge for a car that size, so the GP ones seem gargantuan.

        • Edge

          I guess I think a little different… I don’t think there’s such a thing as “too much braking power”. Put it this way – I already have retrofit the 2nd Gen JCW brakes onto my R53… and I plan on upgrading again to the GP2 brakes as soon as I can get my hands on the parts! 🙂

    • jdulam

      Group 4 Autosports is really close to having a comeback, and it will start with some new coupe parts. Stay tuned

  • piper

    Utterly disgusting gouging! The price is beyond reason, not to mention, the pocketbooks of many MINI enthusiasts. The priority system should result in a glut of ’06 GPs on dealer lots ripe for picking and afford MINI dealers another opportunity to inflate used car prices. The whole scenario spells EXPLOITATION writ large! $40k+ for any MINI is outrageous baring perhaps a race spec version.

    • kellyp

      2 thing influence price, supply and demand. If there isn’t demand to support the ~ $40k price it wouldn’t be $40k. I don’t see the gouging and exploitation you’re talking about? It would be great if every car cost 20 bucks, but that doesn’t pay the bills, does it?

    • Easy there, killer. I just went to the configurator and spec’d a JCW Hardtop with similar equipment (none of the GP-only special stuff, and no non-GP items like Nav, etc.) and landed on $39,320. The MSRP on the GP is $39,950, which given the aero work, the one-of-a-kind wheels, and a set of barely street legal racing tires, makes the GP a bargain if you ask me. Now you might argue that the JCW is overpriced to begin with, but the GP is not appreciably more expensive than a JCW hardtop. Given all the other options available (none of the main packages were selected in my $39k spec) the GP is nowhere near as expensive as a MINI can be. I went back to my spec car and it was $45,640 once I’d “kitchen sink’d” it.

      • chadleclos

        Its very clear to now see that the GP has dividesd opinions amongst most enthusiasts, with the price also being a major talking point. I have my name down for a gp here in South Africa but am undecided between it or the new bmw m135i. I can get both vehicles for around the same price and it is a blast to drive. My heart wants the GP (only 30 coming to my country) but my head says m135i. I was also once told to never purchase a vehicle on emotion lol. At the end of the day, I just want a car that is genuinely quick and an absolute hoot to drive! Therefore I will be basing my choice on your reviewof the new GP. Need to make a decisions within the next two weeks so I hope its up soon! Cheers:-)

        • Jerry

          I hate to say it, but I would get the BMW. Though I doubt that it comes at about the same price for the 135. Maybe the 128, but not the 135. At least not here in the U.S.

        • BimmerFile_Michael

          M135i is roughly the same price as the GP. I was initially very interested in the GP, not so much anymore. The M135i is an amazing piece of hardware that is much more usable… I have one already to be built if I can get the green light from the better half (her 120d comes in this week).

    • Kurtster

      Well I just dropped a little over $40k to order a loaded JCW Coupe. Yes, it’s priced higher than it should be, but then again, what Mercedes or BMW isn’t as well? I test drove the Ford Focus ST. The headliner has a gap big enough to stick my whole finger between it and the roof where it meets the sunroof. There’s a piece of styrofoam (painted black) stick behind the rear seats, presumably to dampen a noise or squeak. When you gently touch the lip of the gauges on the dash, the whole dash moves with it. Yes, you can get a car with the same specs on paper for $10k less, but that doesn’t mean you’re getting the same quality. When you think of the GP (or JCW Coupe IMO) as the most affordable M Car from BMW, it puts it in a different perspective, and it’s all about perspective. I don’t see any “gouging” going on. These are phenomenal small cars – dare I say as good as it gets in the hot hatch category. If the pricing seems that outrageous to you, maybe it isn’t the car for you.

  • that.guy

    “street-savvy”?? Is that really the best they could do?

  • jimskater

    Just got my invite, sonow I need $40,000. The collection box is immediately to my left.

  • jdulam

    I have a GP and did not receive the letter…… this may be because I just moved and my mail from my old house seems to be held up for some reason. I love the new GP, but I plan on keeping the original GP forever, so I will buy the 2013 GP used a few years from now at a much reduced price. I still think 40k for a MINI is a bit steep, regardless of whether it is a JCW Coupe loaded out or a new GP, I just can’t bring myself to spend that much money on a MINI new!

  • PilotOfCamels

    Why aren’t the new GPs numbered? Got my black envelope last night, not quite decided if I want to get one, it only has 211hp, what’s up with that? Did I mention the cars are not numbered?

    • Kurtster

      Yeah, for me it just doesn’t have enough differentiation on things I would use every day as a daily driver to justify waiting for the GP and doing without things like MINi Connected and integrated navigation and premium sound. I’m not a race drive and I won’t be going to the Nurgurgring anytime soon so the GP just isn’t special enough in the areas I want. If you’re a racer, hey it’s tailor-made for you.

  • Jerry

    For that price, they should have given it a larger, more powerful engine. I think the standard mini engine is pretty much bumping up against its limits for horsepower.