MotoringFile Edition “MF01” Lands at MINI of Chicago

A few months ago we introduced the concept of MotoringFile Spec. Over the years, we’ve fielded hundreds of spec-related questions from readers. What packages should they choose? What accessories are must-haves? We’ve seen them all.

Well what if readers could actually buy a car spec’d by MotoringFile? Now you can. We’ve partnered with MINI of Chicago to pre-spec a series of MINIs that will be known as MotoringFile Editions. These cars are based on the existing MINI options and accessories available to US customers, but chosen with MINI enthusiasts in mind.

The first of those cars, MF01, has finally arrived at MINI of Chicago. For those who wondered how MotoringFile would spec a JCW, this is our first answer (of many). This first MotoringFile Edition car is a loaded, White Silver JCW hardtop that features a wide range of options and MINI accessories. The focus of the exterior is a high-contrast look. Black on white with a number of key touches that make this MINI as bold as it is bright. Yet while MF01 is nearly entirely outfitted with off-the-shelf choices from MINI’s massive options and accessories list, there is one rather unique feature.

That unique feature is the matte black, 18″, V-Spoke R133 wheels. These are perhaps our favorite detail on this car. Not technically available in the US, we think they are the best looking JCW wheel to date. In addition to the black wheels, we’ve added black headlights, black center stripes and the black JCW grill trim to finish off the exterior in high contrast. All these contrasting elements accentuate the clean lines of the car as set off in White Silver. Yet, they give the car a healthy dose of aggression. We decided against the black headlight trim two reasons: First, we actually prefer the brightness of the chrome against the white and black; and secondly, MINI USA hasn’t yet made them available. (Although OEM-quality wrapped versions are available via our friends at should you want to go that route.)

Inside, it’s Recaro seats, the JCW leather/alcantara dash and JCW red trim to complete the interior package. This bright dose of color is meant to remind this car’s future owner not to take things too seriously.

What else does it have? Everything. Literally. For the MF01, we wanted to start with a bang. No, this kitchen sink approach isn’t cheap at $45k, but for those who want sporting style, performance and daily luxury, this could be the ultimate MINI.

However, don’t let that price color your sense of value just yet. We are pleased to announce that MINI of Chicago will offer any MotoringFile reader an extra $1,000 worth of MINI or JCW accessories to further customize MF01. We recommend using that discount to add the JCW Suspension — a choice we thought the owner should make due to the trade-offs of a slightly more harsh ride in a city like Chicago.

Full Options List

Model 13MC JCW HT USD MF01

  • Color A62 White Silver metallic paint: $500.00


  • GSE1 Carbon Black Dinamica/Leather*


  • ZCW Cold Weather Package: $500.00
    — 313 Power folding mirrors
    — 314 Heated mirrors and washer jets
    — 494 Heated front seats
  • ZNV MINI Connected with Navigation Package: $750.00
    — 6NF Smartphone Integration
    — 6UH Real Time Traffic Information — 6UM MINI navigation system
  • ZP2 Premium Package 2: $1,250.00
    — 403 Dual pane panoramic sunroof
    — 521 Rain sensor and auto headlights
    — 534 Automatic climate control
  • ZTC Technology Package 1: $750.00 — 322 Comfort Access keyless entry — 655 Satellite radio with 1 year free subscription — 674 harman/kardon premium sound — 7L5 MINI Wired Package — 620 Voice-command
    — 6FP MINI Connected
    — 6NE Comfort Bluetooth and USB/iPod adapter — 6NM MINI Connected
  • 1CA CO2 relevant vehicles
  • 226 Sport suspension: $500.00
  • 2PX 17″ alloy wheels, Cross Spoke Challenge, Black
  • 319 Universal garage-door opener: $250.00
  • 345 Chrome line interior: $250.00
  • 383 Roof and mirror caps in black
  • 3A2 Black headlight housings: $100.00
  • 431 Auto-dimming rearview mirror: $250.00
  • 473 Center armrest
  • 4CY Interior surface Chili Red
  • 4FA Recaro sport seats: $2,750.00
  • 4L4 John Cooper Works Black Leather Dash: $1,000.00
  • 4NA Interior mirror with compass: $100.00
  • 522 Xenon headlights: $500.00
  • 5AA Rear fog lamp: $100.00
  • 6VC Combox controller
  • 785 White turn-signal lights: $100.00

  • Net Total: $40,750.00

  • Destination Charge: $700.00
  • Total Suggested Price: $41,450.00

Additional accessories:

  • Black Sport Stripes
  • Window Tint
  • 18″ R113 V-Spoke Tire and Wheel Package

Total MSRP: $45,000

*Items shown without prices are no-charge options or included in selected packages

If you’re interested in purchasing MF01, or just want to learn more about it, contact MINI of Chicago at (773) 969-5700.


What’s next for MotoringFile Spec? Look for MF02 to be at the opposite end of the spectrum, with a “less is more” philosophy.

MotoringFile Spec FAQ

What Makes a MINI MF Spec? What are the qualifying factors for MotoringFile Spec? It starts with performance, meaning you’ll see mostly JCWs. Also expect the optional factory sport suspensions and other options that make MINIs a bit more sporting than base as standards from us. But these cars won’t all be ultra rarified and hardcore. Frankly, if you want hardcore go buy the JCW GP. Done. Instead, these MF Spec MINIs are meant as daily drivers that look exceptional while staying focused on from the factory performance.

Why aren’t there custom colors or one-off accessories? As much as we’d like to, we can’t have these cars hand-built (not yet at least). Nor can we option unique paint or include aftermarket accessories because they’d simply be too cost-prohibitive. That’s part of the challenge. Our design criteria must stay grounded in reality, and that means staying within the factory and dealer-installed options list. The challenge is then to set a unique, thoughtful spec far more enthusiast-oriented than what they’d typically find on the dealer lot. We will, however, be adding some small touches to make these cars even more unique. For example, each car will be numbered via a one-of-a-kind grille badge and key-fob, with artwork created by

  • Mini Maestro

    Spectacular looking car! Wish I had that kinda $$. Perhaps MF02 might be more in my range…

    • That’s the plan. And any ideas from the comments won’t go unnoticed!

  • brt356

    Sweet! Great job spec’ing out the car.

  • Dean Cory

    All that JCW goodness slowed down by excess weight of a sunroof and MINI Connected with nav. 🙁 Give me Google maps on my Android phone!

    • Timothy Daniel

      Agreed. Horrific looking speedo IMO.

      45k for this? If I had that money to blow I’d be spending it on something else.

      This is from a MINI lover, too. Sad.

  • MINIMe

    Too bad you can’t get the LSD, like I had on my 2005 MCS. Also, I am a fan of the SC engine vs. the turbo. I guess some of us have a hard time with change…

    • R.Burns

      It is available outside Mini for 1,000$

    • Agreed. The E-Diff isn’t a bad solution though. It’s much lighter (basically no weight) and no no mechanical complexity. It also reacts quicker. The only downside is greater brake-wear if you track your car often. That and I swear it’s not as satisfying to feel it lock-up as a standard diff. But I’ve been told I’m insane by the people who engineered MINI’s current E-Diff 🙂

  • Grahame

    Why can’t MINI extend the sport stripes into the scoop on the hardtop like they do on the coupe? Seems like it should be the same stripe and it looks so much better on the coupe.

    • Port installed vs factory installed. Oxford isn’t set-up to put them in the hatch. But for the record I agree the coupe’s look better.

  • mike

    I thought it was going to read, “there is one rather unique feature.. The badge”. Sorry.. had to. I dig the wheels, blackout headlights (keeping the chrome ring), and grill. Very nice. I’ve got to agree with ditching the Nav though.. especially since Apple Maps and Google Maps have turn by turn. I had Nav on my R53, and it was nice, but NOT worth the $1k or whatever it was. I’ll take a Garmin or iPhone anyway.

    • Marc

      Nav on the R53 was $2500.

    • Kurtster

      I had nav on my R53 and it’s a big reason I just bought MINI Connected with Nav on my ’13 Coupe. I hate having mounts and suction cups and cables strewn across the dash and having to squint to see my phone in the car and nothing beats the tight integration where the voice can be heard clearly over the radio. A phone is not a viable option for me because I find it too messy and distracting.

      My wife has a Garmin. I doesn’t do many of the things MINI Connected does. MINi Connected can show my engine temp, HP, torque and G-force. It can also help me find better shift points for better mileage. It also lets me check in on Foursquare, check FB and Twitter and listen to international radio channels, none of which are possible in my wife’s car.

      • mike

        I didn’t realize MINI Connected did all that, pretty cool… I don’t know if I’d add it for $2500 though.. I just remember my old CD based system from my ’03 which was a PITA! I suppose I’ll hold my comment on something I’ve never used. In my 06 R53, I went without it just for the esthetics of the clean looking large speedo. Personal preference..

        • It’s $1500. $500 less than the system was in the R50/R53

        • mike

          OK, for $1500 its a no brainer for a clean integrated look. It really comes down to whether you’re pinching pennies and/or prefer the giant speedo.

        • Agreed.

      • Agreed. I have the Navigon app on my iphone 5 and Google maps of course on any number of Android devices and the last thing I want is to have them without and wires strewn across my dash. It’s clearly a personal preference but I’ll always opt for nav as its the clean and integrated approach.

  • MichaelB

    Honestly – it needs a ToddMods custom graphics package instead of any of the MINI ones… Other than that – looks good…

  • Kurtster

    Looks great! Nice work, guys.

    I had no idea the JCW dash was Alcantara. I thought all the optional dashboards were leather. I ordered the Satellite Gray leather dash but had I known the JCW one was Alcantara, I might have changed that. Dunno. I love the look and feel of that stuff and my steering wheel and gear shift knob are two of my favorite things about the new car.

  • ulrichd

    You say the wheels are not technically available in the US. Could one get them with some arm twisting/begging? 🙂

    • Yes – if your dealer has a crafty parts dept it’s doable. Or you can contact MINI of Chicago.

  • You made a MINI Aston Martin. Great combo of features and cosmetics guys! Luxury meets Sport in a great way!

  • Bob Hayhurst

    Nice car; the wheels are sweet. I’ve seen them on another MINI here on MF but I don’t recall where. I love the white/black contrast. The red on the interior really pops…

  • that.guy

    $45,000. Such a deal.

  • Ike

    Guys, chill with the hate before this thread gets locked for comments too.

    • Kurtster

      Did I miss some kind of hatred somewhere?

  • Alpinamike

    I think u meant r133 wheels not r113 . I tried to post a link to a site but it was blocked by your review filter. BTW very nice in person.

  • Mr Remi

    That thing is aesthetically stunning. Very nice work.

  • jppd

    The MINI nav system is overly complicated and not worth the price of admission. I have it on my 2012. Save your money. Recaros are terrific.

  • sid

    Fantastic looking! Too bad I can’t get it w/auto trans =)

  • Dylan Bland

    That’s a fantastic looking MINI. Love the high-contrast look. Well done!