2014 MINI F56 Engine Output & Options Confirmed by VIN Look-up

We’ve been getting closer and closer to all the details behind the body cladding of the 3rd generation MINI (the F56). Now we have some independent corroboration of a few key details. And the good news is that this information lines perfectly up with what we’ve heard through a couple well informed sources over the past 18 months. Let’s start with launch models and the highly anticipated engine outputs.

According to MF reader recursiveiterator there are currently three F56 models (not surprising) in the BMW VIN database.

  • Cooper, B38 1.5L 100kW / 134 HP
  • Cooper S, B48 2.0L 140kW / 187 HP
  • Cooper D, B37 85kW / 114 HP

As reported the B38 and B37 will be a three cylinders and the B48 will be a four cylinder. We’ll have more on options and the engines soon.

The F56 will debut this summer on the MF and other sites with a public debut penciled in for Frankfurt in September. Production should start in October with the first EU deliveries happening in late fall. The US launch of the F56 will likely happen sometime in February 2014. The five door F55 will follow it 6-12 months later.

  • Kevin Bartlett

    Does that mean Cooper S will be 2.0 NA? No turbo or super charger? That’s an interesting change, and it leaves a lot of room for JCW power increases with a turbo (maybe).

    • glangford

      I doubt a 2.0 can put out 187 hp on its own. But it seems low for a turbo given what the current 1.6 prince can put out.

      • Kev50027

        I believe this is a completely BMW designed engine (the first in a MINI? or was that the Cooper SD?). So perhaps it’s de-tuned from what it will produce in a BMW. That’s just speculation though.

        • CrazyIvan

          Honda was able to get around 180 out of there b18 engines in the Integra and of course over 200 when they bumped it to 2.0. So if this is a boosted engine only putting out 184 hp it’s turbo must be the size of a Campbell’s Soup can.

        • You have to keep in mind that BMW is not interesting in MINI (or BMW for that matter) leading the power race. They’ll let the aftermarket and the Koreans have that. They are more interested in the driving experience, longevity (especially after the Prince engines issues) and refinement.

        • CrazyIvan

          Those engines in light weight cars pushed them just fine. And Honda is the king of reliability. A 2.0 turbo engine under 200hp is a waste of time.

        • True, but they have a very different character that I don’t personally enjoy. You’ve got to rev the shit out of those motors to get any power out of them. If that’s what you’re into, that’s cool, but I much prefer a torquey, grunt-happy engine like MINIs have had so far.

        • CrazyIvan

          We agree to disagree. Keep up the great show.

        • Dr Obnxs

          I wouldn’t sweat it…. The VTEC is an old solution (dual profiles) that is now dealt with by things like variable valve timing…. And yes, the VTEC approach really needs the engine to be kept on boil to really get the car to dance… MINI seems to value low RPM torque and responsiveness over peak HP. Peak torque is very early, and held for quite a wide RPM range. Really ideal for street driving, really. But the price paid by the small turbos that do this is a limit to peak airflow, as shown by the torque curve that starts to drop much before redline. This approach will yield an engine that drives above it’s displacement in most situations, but doesn’t get peak HP numbers.

          What’s really interesting is that we all know what a VVT 2L turbo motor is capable of. To get the MINI mill to do that will need someone to unlock the ECU…..

          Also, the JCW or whatever can just get a slightly bigger turbo and a tune, and it’s off to some better power!

        • Absolutely! It reminds me of the engine preferences in the motorcycle world. Some people love to ring the revs out of their inline fours and others prefer the torquey snap of a twin. To each their own!

        • HP is barely half the story. Anyone who’s driven an S2000 can attest to that.

        • CrazyIvan

          I’ve owned one, and I can agree but it a great car but still has more power out of a 2.0l but with a higher redline and less torque. thats why I think a turbo 2.0 with under 200 hp is either being lazy or sandbagging for the jcw.

        • RKCA1

          But lets not forget, those engine from Honda even when reved past 7000rpm didn’t produce much torque. There isn’t even the need to compare efficiency.

          If this engine is the same/similar to the engine is in the 320i (180hp/200tq) then I’d gladly take this engine in place of the current 1.6L T in my countryman.

        • You have to keep in mind that BMW is not interesting in MINI (or BMW for that matter) leading the power race. They’ll let the aftermarket and the Koreans have that. They are more interested in the driving experience, longevity (especially after the Prince engines issues) and refinement.

        • that.guy

          Glad to see that you now feel free to admit that the French Prince engine is sub par, now that BMW has decided to move away from it. Uphold the party line! 🙂

          1. The Prince is not French. It’s a BMW engine. PSA provided logistical support. Not a lick of engineering or manufacturing.
          2. We’ve not shied away from the Prince’s issues in the slightest. Not here, and especially not on WRR. We’ve reported on the cold start issue, overheating turbos, and we’ve recommended to MINI at length that oil service intervals were too long and we reported on it when they shortened them.
        • The current MINI engine is 100% BMW engineered and built. PSA provided logistical support and investment dollars and in return used the engine family in some of their cars.

      • Kevin Bartlett

        Well if I ran the numbers right (it’s simple math but I’m not to be trusted) the 1.5 makes about 45hp per cylinder, adding a cylinder takes it up to nearly 180, so with some other tweaks it seems possible to hit 187.

      • NA 2-liter 4-cylinders can absolutely put out that much power (or more, like in the S2000/RSX/BRZ/FR-S), but the resulting lack of of torque would totally change the nature & behavior of a MINI….and not for the better, IMO.

        I’m assuming these are metric HP numbers….which translates to roughly 184 hp in the F56 Cooper S. Pretty unimpressive for a 25% increase in displacement, unless there’s monster amounts of torque. I’m pretty sure that would make the B48 Cooper S the least-powerful 2.0T inline-4 sold in America….

        • Not metric. And this is just target. Figures aren’t finalized.

      • BimmerFile_Michael

        There are different levels of this engine and there is an even higher output in testing. Ranging from 180-240 hp now.. but in the MINI it will obviously packaged differently than in BMWs. There is more torque and greater efficiency than the 1.6l prince.

      • As we’ve reported all engines will include turbos.

      • As we’ve reported all engines will include turbos.

      • MPG has to be kept in mind as well. MINI is constantly cross-shopped against cars like the Prius. So MINI can’t just focus on outright power or it will lose a big part of its market positioning.

    • Chilly

      I can’t wait to hear more about this engine.

    • All turbos.

    • All turbos.

  • David Cottrell

    I want to know the JCW 😀

  • ulrichd

    Wow, a 134 out of the regular Cooper. If the weight stays the same, here’s hoping, this could be a quick little car.

    • Chilly

      Wow, that would be sweet! But, from what Gabe has said in the past, I thought it was supposed to be around 120. I’m a little confused, perhaps Gabe can shed some light on this.

      • When development started we had heard ambiguously target was modestly higher than the current car. I would suspect we’ll see 130 in the US.

      • When development started we had heard ambiguously target was modestly higher than the current car. I would suspect we’ll see 130 in the US.

    • Weight will likely to down.

  • disapointed with cooper S engi

    Is this true? 2.0L with only 187hp? Isn’t it a bit tooo low? the 2.0L in the audi TT’s, Siroccos, make a heap more!!! It’s also a FWD! come onn….

    • ulrichd

      Just making room for an AWD 220hp plus JCW, I guess.

  • arnaud
    • Herr26

      Keep your diary s open for imminent news. It is not what you think but it will show the direction the next generation will head in terms of niche and design innovation for the next MINI family.

      • ulrichd

        Maybe an updated Rocketman that will be produced after all? Here’s hoping.

      • BimmerFile_Michael

        Space box…

  • Stewart

    Nice wee Hp mark up on the Coop…. 😉

  • Hemisedan

    Lets see, 187 hp with 100 lbs or more less weight, probably torque in the same range, and the way that both BMW and Mini have a habit of under rating their engines anyway, this should be a good ride. That’s my opinion and educated guess, anyway.

  • Stewart

    Anyone… Has the Cooper F56 now got a Turbo?????

    • As we keep repeating, all MINI engines will be Turbo going forward. This includes the Cooper.

  • m8o

    2.0L ? Well, well, well … looks like there may be a chance of me owing a Countryman/Paceman in the future after all ; with the assumption that mill will eventually come in a ~240hp variant in a few years.

    • If the the Cooper SD powerplant truly does make its way into the MINI lineup, that will be another great choice for the Countryman/Paceman. I drove the Countryman SD in Austria a year+ ago and it had much of the grunt of the Countryman JCW.

  • Kurtster

    Kinda figures they put bigger engines in the year after I buy mine. LOL! Here I thought they were going the opposite direction with all the coverage of 3-cylinder engines lately.

  • bgrady413

    I scowered the comments and two things came to my mind, first- really no one had a funny comment about a PUBIC debut in Frankfurt no less?! And it was penciled?! Oh my god the fun that could be had there! Second one is and maybe the moderators can help me on this question guys, are the new engines going to have turbos? 😉